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Most of you know that CowboysZone has for years had rules in place to prevent the posting of political, religious, etc. comments on the site. We did not do this because we disagreed with any side as the staff has always been diverse when it comes to political and religious leanings. We made these rules because we wanted to keep the nastiness that accompanies those discussions, debates, arguments and insults everywhere else on the internet from infecting this site.

A few weeks months ago, we temporarily changed our stance on these topics because the player protests injected them directly into most sports sites, TV and radio broadcasts and tweets. While we originally wanted to limit the discussions to just the protests, we knew that was going to be difficult without making users on one side of the debate think we were siding with, and thereby protecting, the other side. So, we made the decision to allow more political discussions on the site even beyond the protests.

That said, enough time has passed to where topics and issues have been thoroughly discussed, debated and argued, and most of what remains are petty insults among users on opposite (both) sides who have no intention of listening to the other side and other general political, religious, etc. discussions.

As such, it is time for CowboysZone to return to being a family-friendly Cowboys discussion site. We hope you appreciate that we respected many of you enough to suspend our long time rules to be fair to everyone no matter your opinion on the protests and related political issues. This was not something that was done lightly and to be honest, most of the staff was not fond of the idea, but we did it anyway.

Starting now and going forward, CowboysZone no longer allows political, religious, etc. discussions, comments, etc. on the site and this includes player protests as well. Those topics have been fairly and openly discussed and debated the last few weeks and it is time we get things back to normal.

If you post political, religious, protest, etc. posts or even use innuendo or references related to politics, you can expect to have your accounts benched.

As I said, I hope everyone appreciates that we gave you a chance to voice your opinions on these topics, and respects that we are now returning to enforcing our forum rules and policies!

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