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We know the NFL is considering new rules regarding player protests, but this topic quickly turns political and nasty no matter the original poster's intent. That is why this site has rules against political, protest, etc. comments and content being posted here.

For a few weeks last year we allowed political, protest, etc. discussions and comments on the site to allow all sides a chance to have their say on the matter. We temporarily suspended our rules that had been in place for over 10 years in an effort to be fair to all users who had opinions on the topics. After a few weeks had passed and everyone had their chance to share their opinions, debate, etc., CZ returned to its normal posting policies

To be clear, this site has no stance, for or against, on politics, protests, etc. As the site owner, I have always believed that all sides of a debate should have their say. However, politics, protests, etc. tend to bring out the worst elements in people, even good people, and that kind of animosity and nastiness is better left to the countless other sites on the internet that welcome those kinds of discussions.

So, to avoid having your account suspended, we ask that you please avoid making posts containing political, protest, etc. comments and content and that includes innuendo and indirect references as well!

Let's stay focused on football as the Dallas Cowboys have enough drama and emotionally charged topics to discuss and debate without the addition of even more of those kinds of topics!

Thank you!