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Just a friendly reminder to make sure you read the Forum Rules before posting!

Some of the common mistakes members make during the draft are ..

1) Posting highlight videos with offensive language, song lyrics, etc. in them! Telling people to mute a video has no impact on rule violations!

2) Posting insults and personal attacks against other members! Debates are fine and can be entertaining and informative, but resorting to personal attacks, insults, etc. goes too far. It does not matter if someone else started it, if you respond with an insult or personal attack, you can expect to have your account benched.

3) Publicly complaining about the moderation of the site! No one likes to have their posts moved, deleted, etc., but sometimes it is necessary to do just that. If your post is deleted and you did not get an official warning, be thankful because it means you were likely supposed to get one but the staff member decided to give you a break.

4) Posting Dallas Morning News (DMN) content on the site! DMN's law firm demanded we remove all DMN content from the site, so we do not allow their content, including links and tweets, on the site.

5) Spamming threads with short posts! Yes, we know many fans hate certain players, coaches, etc. but spamming thread after thread with the same short or very similar comments is a good way to have your account benched.

6) Posting political, religious, racist, etc. comments! There are plenty of web sites on the internet who would love for you to post your love or hate for every political figure and ideology out there, but this site is not one of them. No one ever changes their minds on these topics because of internet posts, so it's a wasted effort to try to do so. We have a diverse user base on this site and it is moderated accordingly.

While these are the most common things that lead to accounts being benched, it's still a good idea to go read the Forum Rules just to make sure you know what is and is not allowed!
Not open for further replies.