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Reference: Cap Calculations

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by xwalker, Aug 27, 2019.

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    This post is a reference for details of Cap Calculations that I've discussed in another post.

    Calculations to simplify the review of new contracts for Cowboys players.
    • I've already added Dak and Cooper into the calculations.
    • It's your choice on new contacts for:
      • Zeke
      • Byron Jones
      • Keep/Cut Tyrone Crawford
      • Any other 2020 Cowboys Free Agent
      • Free Agents from other teams.
    You have 80M to pay 12 players in the top 20 starting in 2020.
    • The 80M is based on contract averages.
    • The 8 shown below and players 21 to 53 take up the remaining cap space.
    • The calculations to derive the 80M number are shown in the 2nd half of this post.
    Starting in 2020, add 12 players (Zeke at 15.5M would be at #4)
    1 Dak Prescott
    2 Demarcus Lawrence
    3 Amari Cooper
    4 Zack Martin
    5 Tyron Smith
    6 Travis Frederick
    19 Leighton Vander Esch
    20 L.P. Ladouceur

    Options (choose from this list or free agents from other teams):
    - Don't include future draft picks on rookie contracts.
    • Tyrone Crawford: The cost is 8M to keep him in 2020.
    • Zeke: 15M average if re-signed.
    Free Agents - Medium Probability to Re-Sign
    • Byron Jones
    • Maliek Collins
    • Anthony Brown
    Free Agents Low Probability to Re-Sign
    • Robert Quinn
    • La'el Collins
    • Randall Cobb
    • Jason Witten
    • Sean Lee
    • Joe Thomas
    Remaining Free Agents
    • Christian Covington
    • Jeff Heath
    • Tavon Austin
    • George Iloka
    • Kerry Hyder
    • Xavier Su'a-Filo
    • Justin March
    • Darian Thompson
    • C.J. Goodwin
    • Kavon Frazier
    The NFL salary cap has increased about 8% on average each of the past 5 years.

    Using the rate of increase over the past 5 years to project the future 5 years, the 5 year period starting with 2020 would average 232.9M.

    Currently the bottom 33 players of 53 account for 16% of the cap.
    - It would be difficult to squeeze this group (21-53) to below 16%.

    That leaves 84% for the top 20.
    Using the 232.9M number, 84% is about 195.6M on average available for the 5 years starting with 2020.

    Now the average of the top 4 contracts for 2020:
    21M Demarcus Lawrence
    14M Zack Martin
    12.2M Tyron Smith
    9.4M Travis Frederick

    Estimates for Dak & Cooper:
    34M Dak Prescott
    20M Amari Cooper

    Now the top 6 contracts equal 110.6M average per year.

    That leaves 85M for players 7 to 20 (14 total players).

    LVE and LP will be about players 19 & 20.
    2.96M Leighton Vander Esch
    2.04M (estimate) L.P. Ladouceur

    That leaves 80M for players 7 to 18 (12 total).
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    Lots of work. Not sure about the numbers. Thanks for posting.
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    Fyi... I want to be born again as L.P. Ladouceur. Dude maximized his $.
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