News: Reggie Robinson can move back to CB

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jazzcat22, Mar 5, 2021.

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  2. Rayman70

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    this is teh same crap they did with Byron Jones..just stupid. LEAVE THE KID SOMEWHERE and let him work his tail off and lets see what happens.STOP tinkering and get real.
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  3. speedkilz88

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    It's a different defense so that should be left to the new coaches to decide. Quinn comes from the Seattle defense and that means teaching the kick step and trail technique that made Byron a lot of money.
  4. Creeper

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    They never should have moved him to safety. If they wanted a safety, they should have just drafted one. K'Von Wallace and L'Jarius Sneed were both available when they drafted Robinson. Sneed played a lot for the Chiefs while Robinson was rarely activated.
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  5. rocyaice

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    I might be wrong here but when they drafted Robinson I don't think they intended for him to be strictly a safety.
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  6. fivetwos

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    I was under the impression they wanted bigger corners to play press.

    In this case I think the scouting department loved him, but the staff didn't think much, and he never saw the field.

    He excelled on ST at Tulsa and barely was allowed to do that in 2020.

    This would all be much more acceptable if the team wasn't 6-10 with the worst defense in team history.....not to mention a 4th round pick on a team that uses the draft only to improve.

    If that's how you insist on operating, at least get them on the field to see what you have.
  7. cowboyec

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    he's a corner and we need bodies there.
    hopefully they stop shorting that poor ol' s position and get bodies there too.
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  8. Rayman70

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    know whats funny? The last defensive staff chose not to play Robinson last year. That was dumb..we weren't gonna go anywhere. Why not get an idea what we have? Know what may happen? We could have our next starter at cb or safety already in house with this kid. Had they played him in a few more games and gave him some meaningful reps, we might be able to know what he can do for us before we draft. It was a lost opportunity for us. We could hit the jackpot if we draft Suratin at 10, then find out Robinson is a good player and can start either at the other safety or slot cb spot. Its like getting another draft pick if that happens.Thoughts?
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  9. Rayman70

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    this secondary can be fixed in 1 felt swoop. NO free agents needed. In this scenario we find out in preseason we have a real player in Reggie Robinson and he starts at nickel corner(jourdain lewis' current spot), then prior to preseason, come draft time, we draft Surtain at 10..a lock down corner. We start him day 1 opposite Diggs. Then come pick 44 we go ahead and draft Richie Grant..a stud high IQ alpha dog safety..and we start him. So there it is we have fixed the db group fairly easily. Then rounds 3-7..we can focus on KJ BRITT AND guys like Tuf Borland..not household names but guys who are real dawgs..thumpers. and in between all that we can maybe find us a DT like Tedarell Slaton from Florid whom I am very high on..maybe round 6 or 7. He will compete and push for a role. He has a ton of good run stuffing skills and is disruptive. Give me your thoughts please guys...oh and has anyone heard if the draft will have fans in attendance this year?
  10. Rayman70

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  11. DeathMonkey

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    Position flex in the secondary is so stupid. They're slightly different skillsets so all you're doing is sacrificing experience and skill in both positions for flexibility.
  12. rocyaice

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    I don't even think position flex was at play here. To my knowledge they thought he was a corner. I thought the need to move him was evaluating him later on.

    I have no issue with positional flex players....I just would prefer that later on the draft. Like Xavier Woods was a 6th round pick and they talked about him playing some corner and safety. 4th is just too rich to be doing that IMO.
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  13. ondaedg

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    When coaches are on the hot seat like Rod/JG/KR were they become so focused on winning now that they put the guys on the field who are in the best position to save their butts.
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  14. Rayman70

    Rayman70 Well-Known Member

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    . AGREE. What we need are players that are good at ONE job.
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  15. Mr_437

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    I'm not a fan of the Reggie Robinson pick, I thought he was overdrafted. I preferred Sneed. Robinson traits are his measurables, and that's not how DBs work. They need skill.

    I agree, I think they should move RR back to CB. Continue with the plan of having him compete opposite Diggs.

    Would've been great to have drafted a guy who could step in and start now. Hey maybe RR will be the surprise guy in camp.
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  16. FiveSuperBowls

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    It's a shame he was held out for so long by the fired DC.
  17. buybuydandavis

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    I don't think he's anywhere. Not that they'll throw him away, but they wouldn't put him on the field at CB despite all the injuries there. He didn't get a start or even snaps when Woods was lost at FS either, Robinson's supposed position. Maybe that was just Nolan and he was wrong, but what they did last year points to very little faith in Robinson.
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  18. kskboys

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    RR does not have the skillset to be a starting NFL CB. His future in the NFL, if he has one, is as a downhill player at S.

    I really think you guys need to start analyzing the player and his skillset before making blanket statements.
  19. OmerV

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    It's hard to have an opinion without having seen Robinson play. The only thing I can say is I don't want to see is him shuffled back and forth between safety and CB so he doesn't fully develop at either spot.
  20. kskboys

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    Guys guys guys. Since the NFL has become a passing league, S's now have to cover. Very few S's coming out of college have the skillset to cover at an NFL level, so college Cb's are moved to S all the time. Malcom Jenkins, Devin McCourty, Jarius Byrd.

    I really think you guys should look into this instead of stating stuff that is silly.
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