Signed by Cowboys Report: Cowboys workout then sign CFL star WR Quincy McDuffie on Tuesday

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The hate is sometimes odd. I understood it in the past with a guy like Nick Hayden that played a lot of snaps and often looked terrible; however, I don't really get it for guys like Lucky, Dunbar etc. that don't play many snaps. I can see wanting a better returner but it's not as if a better player is on the bench. Neither are getting paid big money.
Dude. Bottom line. When you're fringe sauce, you better blend in and be in those meetings. Don't suddenly think you're big time just because you gained 30 yards last week on a jet sweep.

It's not hatred. At least as far as I'm concerned with Lucky... It's a strong desire to have every one of those 53 players exceed expectations.

A fringe player has zero room for getting a big head & missing mandatory meetings. Period. I won't forget that.