RIP Paul Mooney

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    Comedian Paul Mooney has died at 79 - CBS News

    Comedian and actor Paul Mooney, who collaborated with comedic stars including Richard Pryor and Dave Chappelle, has died from a heart attack, his publicist Cassandra Williams confirmed to CBS News on Wednesday. He was 79.

    Mooney was best known for his work in comedic circles, including his comedy albums and time as head writer on "The Richard Pryor" show. He is also credited as a major writer on many influential Black sitcoms and comedies, including "Good Times," "In Living Color," "Pryor's Place," "Chappelle's Show" and the faux reality television parody the "Real Husbands of Hollywood."

    In addition to his comedy writing, Mooney also starred in several films, most recently the 2016 film "Meet the Blacks." Mooney also appeared in "The Buddy Holly Story," where he played Sam Cooke, "Bustin' Loose," "Hollywood Shuffle," and "Bamboozled."

    Also wrote a couple of Episodes of Sandford and Son.
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    Dude was legit funny
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    Ah, man, this dude was super funny. He'll be missed. RIP.
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    Steve Harvey gave a short impromptu tribute to Paul Mooney on his morning show today. Mooney was a true pioneer, unapologetic and fearless in his comedy. One of the things I liked best was Harvey stating Mooney would say things that even Richard Pryor dared not to.

    Sunrise: August 4, 1941
    Sunset: May 19, 2021

    Rest in peace Mr. Mooney
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    I didn't realize he was almost 80. Time really does fly. RIP Mr. Mooney.
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    underrated and under appreciated imo
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    He was a "complicated" man but his comedic greatness is unquestioned.

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