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Romo situation

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BoysWin, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. KJJ

    KJJ You Have an Axe to Grind

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    Let's face it, it's a big deal with Romo there's going to be a lot more discussion about him and his future once the season ends so better get use to these threads.
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  2. BoysWin

    BoysWin Well-Known Member

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    I have zero problem retaining an aged veteran as DAK's backup. Jerry decides Romo's contract. ROMO is signed here, not any other place. I'd retain Romo as DAK's backup. Perfect situation.
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  3. Elusive6thRing

    Elusive6thRing Well-Known Member

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    It's not a perfect situation because of Romo's salary. We wouldn't save a ton next season (about 5 million) but the two after that you're talking 23 and 25 million dollar savings on the cap that we could use on other players. If he is willing to renegotiate it's different, but I don't think he wants to end his career as a backup.
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  4. SuspectCorner

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    Romo may want to wring every last buck from his existing contract and the future at his position is already on board. Cut ties, get what the team can for Romo while minimizing their financial obligations to the player. Nothing personal - just business. Deal Romo into the best combination of draft-pick compensation, salary offset, and a position with a contending AFC team - and pray that he returns as a QB coach upon retirement.

    That's my dream for Romo. I wish him well.
  5. irving

    irving Well-Known Member

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    Harbaugh leaving the Niners was a loss that cannot be measured in regards to Kapernick, as well as the rest of the team. As for RG3 once again, he was a read option quarterback, how many times has Garrett said they are running the Dallas offense. They are not running some gimmick offense. So for people to say they don't think Dak will succeed, means they are basing it on their own personal opinions, rather than anything the coaches or people in the profession have stated.
  6. sean10mm

    sean10mm Well-Known Member

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    There is a definite pattern with the flash-in-the-pan QBs, which Dak doesn't fit at all.

    2011 - Denver ran the Gator offense with Tebow for one season with some success, the Patriots figured it out and crushed him in back to back games with one of the worst defenses in football that year and his career died.
    2012 - Washington ran the Baylor offense for one season with RG3, who put up big numbers for 1 season and then fell apart.
    2013 - San Francisco ran a college option offense with Kaepernick and an elite roster and had 1 good season, then promptly went to crap.
    2013 - Philly implements Chip Kelly's wacky Oregon Ducks scheme with Nick Foles and a loaded offense (Maclin, McCoy, Jackson) and has 1 good season before Foles turns into a pumpkin.

    The Cowboys are not running Mississippi State's offense for Dak. Dak is running a modern NFL offensive system, the same offensive system Tony Romo ran, which evolved from the system Troy Aikman ran. He's an Air Coryell quarterback running the full pro playbook, something none of these guys ever had the ability to do at any point in their careers.
  7. DandyDon52

    DandyDon52 Well-Known Member

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    yes I dont think tony wants to be a bkup at reduced salary.
    If he did, it would be a good deal.
    It is a easy job he could do for long time.

    Odds are he goes to another team, and tries to get to a SB.
  8. Kevinicus

    Kevinicus Well-Known Member

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    These hoops you guys will go through to explain away good seasons by others and distance them from Dak are amusing.

    I especially like the ones saying the other guys had elite talent around them, but apparently that doesn't to Dak.
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  9. Eric_Boyer

    Eric_Boyer Well-Known Member

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    so did Leary. Were you in favor of granting him is wish?
  10. benson

    benson Well-Known Member

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    You pay your girlfriends? There's another world for that, and it ain't girlfriend.
  11. PA Cowboy Fan

    PA Cowboy Fan Well-Known Member

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    At his age Tony is going to want to start. No way he's here next year as a backup.
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  12. sean10mm

    sean10mm Well-Known Member

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    It's called actually understanding football, you should try it.

    If you're too ignorant to tell the difference between college option gimmickry and a pro offense maybe you should watch a different sport, like soccer or something.
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  13. Kevinicus

    Kevinicus Well-Known Member

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    I do understand football. I am not sure a lot of you do. Especially when you ignore the "elite talent" argument I specifically pointed out. And when you think there is anything gimmicky about Kelly's offense. He plays super fast, that is all.

    If it works, it works. "Gimmicky" is an excuse for those who can't hanfle something.
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  14. benson

    benson Well-Known Member

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    Actually understanding football is that exact opposite of what you claim to do.
  15. DIAF

    DIAF DivaLover159

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    Even if Dak is a "flash in the pan", it's best we not keep Romo.

    3 of the last what, 4 hits that Romo has taken have either ended his season or put him out for over a half season.

    The next hit might be the last.

    It's time to move on.
  16. gmoney112

    gmoney112 Well-Known Member

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    I actually agree with you. We have two QB's, a lot of the NFL doesn't even have one.

    People mention the cap, yeah. We save 5 mill in 2017 and will probably have to go get another backup, so it's break even to get worse. We can accelerate the savings from the rest of his contract, but we only owe 12 mill if we release/trade him in the 2018 offseason which still saves us about 35 mill, and we can designate that a June 1.

    It hardly makes any sense to let him go except the argument for a 1-2 round pick.

    And the only "controversy" around the situation that makes this situation so infeasible, is the fanbase and media. If people stopped acting like idiots with the whole DAK VS TONY debate, then the only issue would be whether he wants to stay an extra year.

    It's simple to me. Unless Dak just goes off on a crazy Super Bowl run, I ask Tony to renegotiate his contract for less money in 2017, under the stipulation that we'd gladly trade him to a team he accepts in 2018 or release him, and in 2017 the QB decision will be an open competition. Dak is the future, but if Tony wins the job in camp he gets to start the final season.
  17. fairviewfarmer

    fairviewfarmer Well-Known Member

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    I hate to think about the unthinkable, but what happens if Dak sustains an injury next preseason like Tony did this past year? Tony could find himself once again as the starter of America's team. Its going to suck next year, if Tony leaves, knowing that we have no capable backup QB, ala 2015.
  18. PA Cowboy Fan

    PA Cowboy Fan Well-Known Member

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    We'll be just like every other team in the NFL. Nobody else worries about losing their starting QB.
  19. fortdick

    fortdick Well-Known Member

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    And when you finally move on, your new girlfriend drains your accounts, and moves back to her ex husband.

    Why do you have to bring up painful memories?
  20. LocimusPrime

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    :hammer: Right on
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