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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DasTex, Jan 19, 2022.

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    I had posted this in another thread, but just wanted to get opinions on what we should do

    Just ran the numbers on sportrac if you were to do the following:

    1. Restructured Dak Prescott
      (Saved: $12,643,333)
    2. Restructured Zack Martin
      (Saved: $7,147,333)
    3. Restructured Tyron Smith
      (Saved: $6,190,000)
    4. Restructured La'el Collins
      (Saved: $5,976,667)
    5. Released Blake Jarwin
      (Saved: $4,250,000)
    6. Released Will Grier
      (Saved: $1,020,408)
    7. Released Greg Zuerlein
      (Saved: $2,500,000)

    That gives you $15.6 million in cap space.

    If you restructure Zeke - I know, that is REALLY kicking the can down the road it would get you to $24.7 million.

    If you cut Cooper and leave Zeke contract to where next year is the out - you get to $31.6 million - Can restructure and get to $28.2 million

    If you really bite the bullet and cut Tank/Cooper - you are close to $40 million

    Anthony Brown saves another $5 million if released.
    McGovern saves $2.4 million if released

    If you went the full kick the can down the road and bring the boys back method:

    Restructures of all the big contracts - Including Coop/Zeke/Dak/Martin/Collins/Smith

    You get to $41 million which would be enough to bring back all the major FA's you have possibly leaving - but puts you in preverbal Cap H-ll
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  2. Jake

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    I appreciate the time you took to create this thread.

    But it seems like a lot of work to keep the band together. Jerry and Stephen (we like our guys) have spent the last 15 years paying their guys, convinced they had a Super Bowl contender - first with Romo and now Dak - and they're lucky to win one playoff game (when they actually make the playoffs).

    This team needs upgrades at key positions. Expecting the same guys, particularly veterans, to suddenly elevate their game doesn't seem like the best formula.
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  3. atlantacowboy

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    I'm confused. The first 7 moves alone gets you to around 39M.

    There should be no issues restructuring the 3 OL. They are all young enough to play out the contracts.
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  4. DasTex

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    Dallas is $21 million in the hole in regards to the cap
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  5. thunderpimp91

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    So we can go all out and into cap H-E-Double hockey sticks the next few years to just field the exact team that got bounced round 1?

    Not good....
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  6. DasTex

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    Exciting huh?
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  7. charron

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    Cut them all or go all in but sitting on the fence is stupid.
  8. Sydla

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    It's curious. Spotrac has us $24 million over, Over the Cap has us at $13 million over the cap. A quick look and I couldn't figure out the difference.

    Also Over the Cap's calculator gives you a bit more cap relief on some of these players, FWIW. Dak saves you around $15 million in a restructure for example.
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  9. GuitarBytes

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    If you restructure Dak's contract, Dak would be given money in a 5th year, that is, it would count as dead money even if Dak's contract had ended, simply not.

    the restructurings cause, in my view, more financial problems, what Dallas needs to do is simple, release Tyron Smith and Dlaw, after June 1, release or transfer Anthony Brown, and Transfer Amari Cooper for a 1st pick, with these movements would liberate: Tyron, 2022 13.5M, 2023 13.6M, Dlaw, 2022 19M, 2023 21M, Anthony Brown, 2022 5M, Cooper, 2022 16M, 2023 18M, 2024 20M, this is a lot of money, only for 2022 it will be would release 53.5, minus 21.2M that they have over the cap, they would have an estimated 32.3M left!! very good money to sign your best free agents, and now if you look for someone to restructure, to add more, for me these movements must be imminent, Dak does not know how to use Cooper, and he is a wasted talent, Tyron is injured a lot in this draft you can find a replacement, especially if you get a good first pick with Cooper, Brown is the heap, and Dlaw never took off like he should, too few sacks, it's time for these necessary moves.
  10. mardwin

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    They want to carry Dak bad contract for the next 2 years. If they restructure is just assuring they will go into a prolonged rebuilding without the necessary pieces to build around.
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  11. Denim Chicken

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    Or just cut Cooper, Lawrence, & Jarwin and save $44MM
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  12. john van brocklin

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    Thanks for the info.
    No way I am extending Zeke btw.
  13. glimmerman

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    We will have money. Maybe we keep Gallup and sign some FA O-Linemen if there is any FA. Cut the dead weight and build a O-Line with depth for injury.
  14. atlantacowboy

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    I hope you are right, but all signs point to the Jones men being big Dak fans. They might figure he's a 10-12 year QB for all we know. They never had a problem with Romo not winning much in January. Had Romo not become a walking infirmary , he might have played until he was 40.
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  15. zack

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    Unfortunately, history tells us that Dallas will not make the playoffs next year. No matter what the cap will be, it probably isn’t going to make a difference. Hate to be a downer. Hopefully we don’t lose Quinn to a head coaching job. I just think it will be rough next year…..again.
  16. EdmCowboy Fan

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    Who cares. We will have a team. You will watch. Nothing wrong with it. Enjoy
  17. atlantacowboy

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    I think we can easily go one and done in the playoffs without them. NFC East should be a joke next year as well.
  18. Steve007

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    I think you are right. No matter what they are staying with Dak. This team will be one and done if they make the playoffs. Jerry just needs the cowboys relevant.
  19. atlantacowboy

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    I think Jerry wants to win a super bowl more than anything. A few billion more dollars isn't going to buy him anything he can't already buy. The one thing he can't buy is a super bowl. In one of the NFL's great historical ironies, Jerry has been the main obstacle to his team's success the past 26 years. He simply refuses to get out of the way.
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  20. CT Dal Fan

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    I agree that kicking the can down the road is a bad idea, but is blowing up a 12-5 roster a better one?

    I know this team struggled against elite teams, but lets be real: they lost by two to Tampa Bay, by three to Arizona, and by six to San Fran. And it could be argued having tons of penalties was the difference in all those games.

    Some more discipline and we're talking about facing Tampa Bay this week instead of blowing up the team, starting over, and being next year's version of the Jaguars.

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