Sammy Watkins

Discussion in 'Roster Zone' started by juck, Dec 10, 2017.

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    of whats out there....Dez is better.
    draft a WR in 2nd Rd as an up-grade over a couple years,he'll be ready to take over WR1 spot.
    Dez and DJ Moore>watkins and TWill
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    Speed is not the only component for a big play. There was a guy who ran 4.7 at the combine
    and became the most prolific WR in NFL history.... Jerry Rice.

    Now, I'm not calling him the next Rice. I'm just saying I've watched him play and I think he'd be a star
    in this league, especially if he wore the star on his helmet.
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  3. John813

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    I agree. Definitely could see him take a prove it contract or below value multi-year deal. Jags could let him walk with younger guys like Dede Westbrook, Cole, Mickens and then solid vets like Hurns and Lee.
    Robinson, when Bortles was a tad accurate blew up in 15 with 80 catches, 1400 yards and 14 TDs.
    Still had a good year in 16 with 73 catches but Blake was only putting up numbers in garbage time.
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  4. Sydla

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    If you are going to remake the WR corps............ and note, I am not saying I am totally on board with this.............. but I could see dumping Dez, trying to bring in a guy like Allen Robinson and then bringing in a speed guy like a Ridley or Kirk from A&M. I think Butler can be a fine #3 outside WR and then between Beasley and Switzer you have your slot guy with Brown as the #5.
  5. John813

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    Replacing Bryant with Robinson would be an upgrade short and long term. Would be on board with that scenario.

    Would prefer Dez and Robinson for 2018 however
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  7. John813

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    Franchise Watkins?

    Oh yea, same team that gave Tavon Austin a huge deal to sit on the bench.
  8. Manwiththeplan

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    4,350 Likes Received I assume they have a long term deal with Aaron Donald all but official then

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