Sarcasm: Should’ve kept Marinelli

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by VanJaylon, Jan 8, 2020.

  1. VanJaylon

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    Why not keep this guy in the draft room so we know which dts not to take??? “Oh Rod you like this guy great. We’re not taking him then, anyone else you like? So we can add him to the list.”
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  2. johneric8

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  3. ClappingCarrot

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    I could legit see Marinelli selling popcorn by the concourses. That's about as close as I would let him to my football team.
  4. CATCH17

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    Not a bad idea.

    I wonder if Trysten Hill's work hard contract is now void?

    Seems like he was breaking the terms of that deal anyways.
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  5. AbeBeta

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    Sometimes a thread should just be a post. Or even, just kept to yourself to chuckle about.
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  6. blueblood70

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    dude had a great career no need for all the oddball bashing threads..I know its sarcastic and supposed to be humorous but its simply wasted space here..

    we get it a new staff was needed and we finally got one..time to move forward..

    although some of you are already bashing MM and his staff before they play a down and its sad really..
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  7. darthseinfeld

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    Ive heard here that he was doing to Garrett thing and trying hard to hang on, but I haven't seen where this came from
  8. robbieruff

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    Rod - the reverse barometer...
  9. JeffInDC

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  10. Tabascocat

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    I came in here fully prepared to lay into the OP :lmao2:
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  11. Big_D

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    This FO can still give him a ring every April, find out what players he loves. Then stay away!

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