Scout’s Notebook: Tavon’s Route Running; More

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    OXNARD, Calif. – Here are my notes from Saturday’s practice, as the Cowboys got back to work following their preseason game against San Francisco.

    · This is the first time we’ve seen Sean Lee with extensive practice time. His movement and lateral reactions appeared as if they were in midseason form. The offense tried to get the ball to the edge with Ezekiel Elliott – who was unable to, because Lee had taken a step to the right before Elliott made his move to get the handoff from Dak Prescott. Lee read the play quickly, and Travis Frederick and Connor Williams had no chance to get a body on him before he made the tackle.

    It’s not often that you see Zack Martin get knocked off balance in the pass rush drill, but Tyrone Crawford was able to do that to him on Saturday. In a matchup of power against power, Crawford was able to use a rip move that brought Martin’s feet together. With that limited base, Crawford felt Martin leaning on him -- then spun to the inside, throwing him to the ground with his right arm. Earlier in the drill, Crawford was able to deposit Connor Williams on his rear with a two-handed bull rush. · Some interesting nickel rush combinations on Saturday. Dorance Armstrong lined up with the first defense in Tyrone Crawford’s right end spot -- which means that Crawford kicked inside to play some tackle with Brian Price. Leighton Vander Esch took Sean Lee’s spot and he saw work with Jaylon Smith. Crawford did a really nice job of occupying Travis Frederick and Zack Martin to the point where Martin couldn’t get off that block in order to help La’el Collins, who had his hands full with DeMarcus Lawrence
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    If our DL remains active and relatively injury-free, I see no reason why this DL won't be greatly improved over last year. Things are looking up!

    If that's not enough, being cautious not to get overly optimistic, it also seems our offense is likely to vindicate itself for it's failings of last year.
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    Excellent stuff!!!!

    All we need is Tavon to provide an occasional threat!!
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    Lock for the 53.
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    Lenoir looking to replace Noah Brown, unless he gets back on the field this week. Even then he may get the last WR spot regardless.
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    That's good. They should kick Crawford inside on the nickel. But Price shouldn't be out there. It'll probably ultimately be Collins, but I'd have no problem with Charlton being an interior rusher with that group. (Armstrong probably would eventually be replaced by Gregory.)
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    I wonder if Tavon’s problem with Rams was the complexity of the schemes he was in. In a Coryell system like the Cowboys’, a receiver is running the route tree. There aren’t many option routes or reads a receiver has to make.
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    It's a whole new world at DE. Amazing.
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    I love the competition and the possibilities that may emerge from it. Tavon Austin's speed can be lethal if we use him incorrectly, and Vander Esch shouldn't let Sean Lee out of his sight. he's the perfect mentor for anyone who wants to be good at the game.

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