News: Scout who was high on Tony Romo became Auburn football's first GM


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Drew Fabianich had already learned to trust his own evaluations when he arrived in the NFL in 2003. After his first game coaching defensive ends for Tennessee football more than a decade earlier – a win – coach Johnny Majors had visited his office and asked what Fabianich learned. He provided a list.

“Learn from it and never let it happen again,” Majors said.

That quote lingered in Fabianich's mind during his early tasks as a Dallas Cowboys scout. One was assessing quarterbacks at training camp. So for three years, Fabianich wasn’t shy about beating the drum for a backup named Tony Romo.

“If you put him on the field, he ain’t ever coming off,” Fabianich would tell coaches. “He did things with his eyes and had a feel for the game that not many had. He’d rip out a check-down and wouldn't even look at it. He knew where it was going to be. He was great with his eyes. Great instincts.”

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OF course the question is did he spot any other diamonds in the rough.