Seattle? Doable or naw?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Redball Express, Sep 22, 2020.

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    If Seattle jumps out to a big early 14 points or larger...then I see Dallas playing uptempo. But if the game is close I still see this team playing more conservative football much like the Rams game.

    I think its going to take a while to fully purge themselves of the Garrett hangover. But I do envision it taking place with Big Mike in charge.
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    Well there is the saying 'Any Given Sunday' but honestly if our defense continues to stink it up I really don't see how Dallas comes out of Seattle with a W.
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    Maybe already mentioned in this thread- but I saw posted someplace else that Seattle’s defense currently leads the league in ALLOWING plays of 10+ yards.
    And our offense leads the league in making plays of 10+ yards.
    That sounds pretty good to me.
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    Seattle defense did not look good and they were gashed. They are at the bottom on many defensive stats in the league. We are better offensively than NE we can hang 40 on them. There front 4 is not very good and will rely on blitzing to get pressure on Dak, this is where we have to hurt them. I think we beat them as long as we don't turn ball over. I think they are really a bit overrated.
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    BRILLIANT QUOTE!!! And EXACTLY what Garrett era football was riddled with! The funny thing is, I don't even know if I realized it until you said just now, at least not, consciously. It was in the back of my mind, like "Why is he doing that... oh well trust the Carrot..." but I never really SAW it until now. This previous coaching staff always took a step back when an Injured Vet returned to the field thinking the veteran's play alone would elevate the play.
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    they’ve given up like 800 + yards through two weeks. And we always play them tough.
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    If you can assess the 'power' of a team and assume transitivity, then winning odds can be calculated.
    If Seattle has a 75% chance (that's playoff level) to beat the average team and Dallas has a 50% change of
    beating the average team, since Dallas would be an average team, the Seattle's winning percentage is 75%.
    If Dallas should beat 60% of the teams out there, it's a bit more complex, but then Seattle wins 2/3 of the time,
    or 66.7%.

    My tools won't be able to estimate any of this until 4 games are played. Not enough data just yet.
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    I'm sorry I am not giving up on the defense, the season just started they put a new system in place with a lot of new faces, no pre season. I think there are things they need to clean up on. I also know in the Atlanta game Dallas offense put the defense in very bad position with turnovers and anyone who knows a damn thing about the NFL knows turnovers are a killer. 2nd half of the game Dallas defense gave up 10 points. I do expect this defense to improve, how much? I don't know but I'm sorry I am not a fan who makes snap judgement based on very little information. 2 weeks of a 16 game season is not enough information especially given the position the offense put them in this past weekend.
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    Their D is leaky like ours. A shootout is likely. We would have not had such a close game with Atlanta if not for the fumbles. We can prevail. Dallas by a nose.
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    On any given Sunday? Right? Of course, if they show up, they have a chance. But they can not afford to get off to a slow start. They need to create at least 2 turnovers resulting in 10 points at least. They can not commit a single turnover, must keep penalties to a minimum and they must score quickly...ball control offense only works if they score TDs...I'd rather them try win by slinging the ball often...if they have a 7-10 point lead in the 4th...then deploy Zeke and the ball control offense, but continue to take an opportunity doen the field.

    However, I think Seattle wins big.
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    Their defense is actually not good, at least their pass defense.

    They've given up 400 yards to Matt Ryan and almost another 400 to Cam.
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    I doubt we win. But we usually do when nobody is giving us a chance.
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    Hope for the best... expect the worst...that's how I look at every game.
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    First good team we face this year.

    I expect an aswhoppin for us.
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    Not sure I got that right..

    you say they are going to dish an ***-whipping to us..

    or visa versa?
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    those fumbles loom large and like lightning..

    you hope they don't strike twice in the same place.

    All fingers, eyes and toes crossed. I can't move until Sunday.

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    Gonna be a crazy shootout

    Cowboys 44

    Seahawks 41
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    They dish one to us.

    Of course as a fan i hope we win. But from what i have seen, man, this is going to be really ugly.

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