Sid Haig passes away at 80

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    Sid Haig, a character actor best known for his wild-eyed turns in the cult horror movies "House of 1000 Corpses" and "The Devil's Rejects," died Saturday. He was 80.

    Haig's wife, Susan L. Oberg, announced his death in an Instagram post Monday morning, writing: "My light, my heart, my true love, my King, the other half of my soul, Sidney, passed from this realm to the next."

    The actor's cause of death was not immediately known.

    Haig, a prolific screen actor with more than 50 credits, popped up in an eclectic mix of movies over his six-decade career, from the blaxploitation classic "Foxy Brown" and George Lucas' sci-fi debut "THX 1138" to the James Bond entry "Diamonds Are Forever."

    Quentin Tarantino, a devotee of the 1970s B-movies that helped make Haig a legend among genre enthusiasts, cast him in his 1997 crime drama "Jackie Brown" as a judge. Tarantino, who adapted the movie from an Elmore Leonard novel, reportedly wrote the part specifically for Haig.


    The actor was beloved among horror fans for his unsettling turns in a trio of low-budget horror flicks directed by heavy metal musician Rob Zombie: "House of 1000 Corpses," "The Devil's Rejects" and "3 From Hell."

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    Face looks like he was a heavy drihker.
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    IDK, it looks to me like he was 80 years old.
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    RIP Sid! You’ll be missed
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    HIs face always looked like that. Ha!
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    That's actually pretty compared to how they made him look in the films.
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    Good actor always played a very good villain
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    A shame we will have no more Capt. Spalding....

    He will be missed.....
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    SERIOUSLY underrated actor. Captain Spaulding in my top 5 villains (possibly my favorite) of all time and can't wait to see "3 From Hell" - sad day - RIP. :(
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    He scared me.
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    Yep, and he was in a ton of stuff including an episode of Star Trek TOS.
    Saw 3 From Hell on the 1st night it played and got a promo poster which is cool.

    Will give you fair warning that if you are going to see 3 From Hell just to see Sid you may be disappointed. His frail health at the time of shooting only allowed him to shoot for one day and he only in the 1st few minutes of the movie. Zombie originally had him in the whole movie but had to write him out of the script when he saw how frail he was. Zombie made a huge mistake waiting this long{14 years} to make a sequel to The Devils Rejects.
    There is plenty of homicidal hijinks from Otis and Baby though :thumbup:as well as a new 3rd character that I wont say much about.
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    Do you recommend the movie Johnny? I love Corpses and DR. Among me and my wife's favorite movies.
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    It played only 3 days 9-16/17/18 at theaters and the ticked was 15 bucks, 1st night viewers got a posters, 2nd night a bumper sticker and 3rd night was a double feature of TDR and 3 From Hell. The DVD release will be out around mid October with the movie being in theaters for 1 day only the day before dvd release.

    If you are fans sure, as I mentioned above don't expect any Captain Spaulding except in the few couple minutes. They did add a 3rd character who was decent but not near as interesting as Spaulding. The movie kinda lags in the middle but the ending was pretty decent. It was in a nutshell more of the same as House and TDR, I would however put it a notch lower than those as there is no Captain Spaulding.
    Would I recommend it for a red box rental. Sure
    Coming out of the theater I would say a mixed bag, some looked like they loved it and some were disappointed.
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