READ THIS ***Since our season is over. Draft Talk in Draft Zone***

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We will start talking and wondering about the draft and players that might help our team.

The forum has a great section for draft talk although not enough people take advantage of it, there are a few of us draftniks that usually congregate there and talk shop.

There is also a Mel Kiper Invitational tournament that @Risen Star puts on annually that is asking for people to sign up for at this time. It is a chance for you to be a GM of a team and make their picks in a mock draft to be held next month with other members repping other teams. You can find the thread here

Also if you decide to do your own mock drafts, please put them in the Draft zone as that is where they go. Or just ask about a player(s) or positions.

Here is a good place where you can do mock drafts on a regular basis from now until up to the actual draft day... Do a mock and post it in the Draft zone.

Remember the draft zone

Help educate yourself about some possible players the cowboys might be interested in.

Also Later in the year Risen Star makes a competition where we all have a number of players we list that we think the cowboys will draft and that is always fun as well.
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