Some NFCE Tiebreak Scenarios

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by beacamdim, Nov 29, 2020.

  1. beacamdim

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    A. 2-way tie with NYG/DAL The team that wins NYG-DAL game in week 17 wins this tiebreak.

    B. 2-way tie with NYG/WAS: NYG takes this tiebreak due to head to head sweep.

    C. 3-way tie with NYG/DAL/WAS:

    NYG take tiebreak if NYG beat DAL OR PHI beat WAS.

    WAS takes tiebreak if DAL beats NYG AND WAS beat PHI.

    DAL CANNOT take this three-way tiebreak even if they swept NYG.

    NYG CAN lose this three-way tiebreak even though they swept WAS.

    NOTE that PHI not included in these since they cannot be in tiebreak unless one of the NFCE plays a tie game.

    Courtesy Ray in Arlington
  2. Techsass

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    Sad how whether we're trying to win or tank, we could easily end up in a tie in our division.
  3. Jake

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    We're not going to end up in a tie. Martin and Erving are out for weeks.
  4. WillieBeamen

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    I honestly dont see a win on this schedule
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  5. hittheskids

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  6. Direwolf63

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    At this point I really don't care
  7. SeanLee50

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  8. jazzcat22

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    We are in last place in the division.
    Sole last place.
    Right now each NFCE team plays the AFCW & NFCS next season.
    The difference for now, the 2 games don’t even give us an advantage. As we would play SF, as they will be healthy so a tough game. And Detroit or Minnesota, depending how the finish, right now Detroit.

    if we finish 3rd it would be the same, one of those teams, unless the Bears drop a lot. And as of now Arizona. at least we won’t have to play GB unless we win the division.

    I didn’t post the home away games for these teams, I will need to go back to look.
  9. WillieBeamen

    WillieBeamen BoysfanfromNY

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    Our defense will be just what Brandon Allen needs
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  10. daboyzruleperiod

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  11. morat1959

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    What difference does it make if we win the division or finish last?
  12. VACowboy

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    Win the division: Host a Wild Card game and pick 22nd
    Finish last: pick top-10 in the draft
  13. reddyuta

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    sadly we wll win a meaningless Cincy game.
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  14. Captain-Crash

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    Rockport and I are going to cheer our shitbird ***** off for wins. you losers discuss us.
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  15. Blackspider214

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    Last week I felt good we would beat Cincy without Burrow. I fully expect their spare Allen to look good against us.

    If this team wanted any chance, they had to win last week. We are now a game behind Washington and we got swept so that's 2 games. Philly beat us once and probably will again.

    It's best to let this team wither away and pick at the top of every round.

    Dalton is a terrible QB so this will probably happen.
  16. SlammedZero

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    Meh, I'd be fine if the Cowboys just forfeited the rest of the season. :laugh: I'm over it.
  17. vicjagger

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    Yea, but the Cowboys fans have other "card" up their sleeves..
  18. Bigdog

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    I think if those injuries are serious, we should just them down especially Martin. I don’t want to risk further injury that could affect him next year. The Bengals might not be an easy win. They looked decent from what I saw against the Giants.
  19. Praxit

    Praxit Well-Known Member

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    ..right now, its better to play for pride. Mainly, we dont have our bus driver and all the OL is done.
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  20. Pantone282C

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    I can cuss you guys! :muttley:
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