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Spider-Man Will Stay in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by joseephuss, Sep 27, 2019.

  1. joseephuss

    joseephuss Well-Known Member

    26,314 Messages
    5,245 Likes Received

    Spider-Man Will Stay in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

    After briefly breaking up, Sony Pictures and Marvel have found a way to get back in the Spider-Man business together.

    On Friday, the two companies jointly announced that Marvel Studios and its president, Kevin Feige, will produce the third film in the “Spider-Man: Homecoming” series. It will once again feature Tom Holland reprising his role as the titular hero. The rumor mill roared back to life this week with hints that the two companies were close to brokering a new agreement.
  2. Runwildboys

    Runwildboys Well-Known Member

    24,196 Messages
    46,339 Likes Received
    Excellent news!!
  3. stasheroo

    stasheroo Well-Known Member

    62,835 Messages
    69,960 Likes Received
    Yes, great to see cooler heads prevail.
  4. Mountaineerfan

    Mountaineerfan Well-Known Member

    1,071 Messages
    1,030 Likes Received
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  5. Juggernaut

    Juggernaut Well-Known Member

    4,527 Messages
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    Last edited: Sep 27, 2019
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  6. cowboyec

    cowboyec Well-Known Member

    17,644 Messages
    20,236 Likes Received
    :laugh::lmao::lmao2:they said titular:lmao:
  7. DallasEast

    DallasEast Cowboys 24/7/365 Moderator

    42,838 Messages
    25,911 Likes Received
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  8. big dog cowboy

    big dog cowboy THE BIG DOG Moderator

    79,763 Messages
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  9. Oz-of-Cowboy-Country

    Oz-of-Cowboy-Country Well-Known Member

    4,221 Messages
    4,981 Likes Received
    Did Zeke's agent make this happen too?
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  10. Juggernaut

    Juggernaut Well-Known Member

    4,527 Messages
    14,078 Likes Received

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