Stat show Dak and the team has evolved and improved

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    Next Gen stat of the game: Dak Prescott recorded his third game this season with three-plus pass TDs versus the blitz (never had any such games from 2016-2020). Accounts for three of the NFL's four games with three-plus pass TDs versus blitz in 2021 (Tom Brady has the other, in Week 1 vs. DAL). Prescott also averaged 8.7 air yards per attempt (averaged 7.1 from Weeks 1-4).

    The blitz has killed us for years, even when we’ve had an elite OL in the past, we struggled with teams blitzing and our QB’s regularly took a beating.
    Great to see we have at last got the players and coaches who have worked on this and are exploiting teams when they blitz.
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    People won’t realize how well he’s playing until the end of the season.
    Brady Kyler Herbert, allen and Dak are the only 4 MVP candidates at this point
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