Twitter: Stephen on 105.3 - "Very Confident" in McCarthy

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ShortRound, Jan 17, 2022.

  1. Playmaker3128

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    So we get another losing year of MM. then he gets fired and we’re told the prodigy KM is the answer. He’s bad and JJ keeps him until he absolutely has to fire him.

    We’ve been here before.

    MM = wade phillips
    KM = Jason Garret
  2. stinkface

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    We have a killer schedule next year. Sign me up for 12 and 5 and a playoff spot right now.
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  3. Jimbo69

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    I'm looking forward to next season. I wont have to see posters telling me how Dak is as good as Mahomes and/ or hes a top 5 QB and/or ( my favourite ) $ 40m is the going rate for elite QBs.

    Plus ( hopefully) there will be a more respectful conversation regarding the team and it's off season manoeverings rather than the continual Dak threads. At least that rubbish has been put to bed.
  4. OmerV

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    Why focus on this as if we expected him to say anything different? He will say this every year until the year they are ready to fire him or not renew his contract.

    And really that's what any team would say about a coach they intend to keep. No team is going to say they have doubts and concerns but are going to keep the coach anyway.
  5. Playmaker3128

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    but that’s the thing. I think a lot of us feel if we were more disciplined during the course of the year we would have had a chance at the bye.

    Ok so we got the #3 seed. It’s frustrating to see the same BS undisciplined approach hurt this team year after year.

    Nobody is saying we needed to win the SB. But to not even compete in the playoffs? Is not acceptable.
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  6. 75boyz

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    This has been my original opinion since MM was hired and KM kept as OC.
  7. lk8701

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    Bill Parcells and Jimmy Johnson are the only good coaches in the Jerry Jones era.
  8. fivetwos

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    That's EXACTLY where we are headed.

    But man Jerry knows what he is doing.

    I haven't been this sick over the situation in years.

    I've really gotta work on not caring.
  9. visionary

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    wait, someone gave birth? Was it Dak or KM or MM? LOL

    I already had doubts about your intelligence but you have erased all doubt

  10. Dre11

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    Dude you got a IQ of a tomato
  11. Beast_from_East

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    Well I wouldnt say things are worse compared to Garrett, Fat Mike can lose in the playoffs just like Clappy did.

    Over the span of a decade, Garrett won 2 playoff games. So that is 1 playoff win every 5 yrs on average? Yea, I think Fat Mike can match that.
  12. Idgit

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    Missed the playoffs entirely with a losing record in year 1, and a first round home exit v the 7-seed with the best roster we’ve had since at least 2016–and probably since 2007 since Dak was just a rookie in 2016…with, what, 6 pre-snap penalties and an embarrassing failure of clock management on both of the last two offensive drives?

    That’s not an upgrade to anybody interested in being honest about where this team is right now.

    And we both know that there are factors that extend beyond the HC that keep this team from advancing beyond the top-8 in any given year. That was the exact point I’d made about Garrett, all along. The issues haven’t been with the coaching. Just like they haven’t been with QB play. Sure, we’ve had our share of issues in both of those areas, with Garrett, McCarthy, Romo, and Dak. But they haven’t been the limiting factors. I don’t know what it’s going to take for everybody to finally realize that.
  13. Floatyworm

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    I wish people would give Kellen a fair shot....because I believe it's the Cowboys philosophy that everyone has a say in the offense....trying to combine everything into a cohesive offense...has got to be tough...if not impossible. I say...let Kellen do his thing...and if he fails...he fails.....but quit undermining him.

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