Stephen talks about the process of hiring Mike with MMQB

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hawkeye0202, Jan 14, 2020.

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    Paying attention to what he says about Jason and their decision to move on.

    I don’t know what we’ll remember about the 2020 NFL head coach hiring cycle five years from now. But I know this today: College football’s influence on the NFL game was felt. The Panthers broke the bank to pry Matt Rhule from Baylor and keep him from the Giants. The Giants hired a coach who’s equal parts Bill Belichick and Nick Saban protégé. And even in places where a college coach wasn’t brought in, like Dallas, there was a lot of contemplation.

    “I won’t say specific names, but Jerry and I spent a lot of time talking about college head football coaches,” Cowboys COO Stephen Jones told me Friday. “We talked about specific ones. We went down that road hard, internally, between the two of us in particular, but my brother [Jerry Jr.] weighed in and we talked to [VP of Player Personnel] Will [McClay]. We did our diligence. We just didn’t have anybody in for a formal interview.
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    Check out this Eagle nugget ........ ( MMQB )

    The Eagles’ offensive coordinator situation played out interestingly this week, with coach Doug Pederson saying Mike Groh was safe one day, then talking to owner Jeffrey Lurie and firing him the next. So what happened? Putting the pieces together, I think Philly was eyeing Dallas coordinator Kellen Moore, thinking a new coach would let him go. That didn’t happen. Mike McCarthy kept Moore. And maybe at that point Pederson wanted to pull back on the idea of whacking offensive coaches. And maybe Lurie had already gotten in his head they were making changes. So here we are.
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    I thought it was all about hearing bells!
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    I'm hoping and to a great extent, trusting, that our new regime in Dallas might work out well, with a gift of patience for such a wildly demanding personnel turnover. Suffice it to say, a considerable number of adjustments will be in order for both the coaches and their players. I'm expecting year one to be an exercise in focus and effort for all concerned -- lotsa changes.
    Let's just hope this team welcomes their new coaches generously and most attentively! :thumbup:
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    What a meddler Lurie is! Why can't the owner let his head coach make those decisions. And they won a Superbowl with that meddler!
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    So now Jerry Jr. gets a say?
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    Wait till Spaulding gets to chime in.
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    It is just a matter of time the now goateed one sits on the iron throne.
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    Actually I think he's always been part of the process, we just never knew coz he prefers to stay in the background.
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    Pretty sure every person those guys spoke to for a year suggested they hire Riley so yes Jerry Jr also weighed in, lol.
    You enter a lame duck season then after every loss people have suggestions for you whether you want them or not.

    Anyone who believes they started a HC search the day they interviewed Marvin Lewis is coo coo for coco puffs.
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    Spaulding did chime in but they kept it inside because they are afraid there will be a bidding war for his services as teams line up to hire him as GM because he “has been around football all his life” just like Stephen
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    “everyone chimes in” when you have incompetence at the top

    Riley would have been a horrific hire
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    LOL, these morons think ‘due diligence’ means talking to each other

    “we did our diligence “ except doing what “diligence “ actually requires, actually interviewing candidates

    can’t make this stuff up
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    Philly's a mess. Laurie stays out of his coaches way. Why he was even mentioned is a mystery.

    Pederson messed up. His true colors have surfaced the past two seasons. Thanks to the Cowboys making him look good on paper by winning the division with absolutely NO starters. Wentz isn't a starter & never will be.
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    Well they should have had Urban Meyer in for a formal interview. Right now they are waiting for a Urban Meyer ex-assistant to leave UT.

    The hiring of McCarthy looks very similar to the hiring of Son of a Bum Phillips. To be the current Head Coach you have to accept the future Head Coach. That is Jerry Jones being the leader of the football team and not the Head Coach. That has not worked out for a Super Bowl in 25 years and counting....
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    I don't think it's anything like that actually.
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    He is a long time top executive in the organization, so I imagine he has always had an opportunity to chime in, but he just isn't one of the public faces of the team.
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    Patience? I know you are talking about the owner and media, but if Big Mike doesn't take this team to the playoffs in year 1, CowboysZone may be burned down in rioting. Don't forget, this was a super talented team only held back by the terrible coaching. Or so I was told.
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    And some glory holes

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