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CowboysZone has always strived to be a place where Cowboys fans can get together and discuss the Dallas Cowboys.

We also know that as sports fans, we can all be passionate about our opinions which are further reinforced by our own experiences as Cowboys fans for many years as well as our own experience in sports for those of us who played, coached, etc.

That said, there are lines that members should not cross when debating with others over players, coaches, front-office, ownership, etc. and one of those lines is personal insults and attacks.

You are free to debate or even argue your opinions and knowledge with other fans with whom you disagree, but you need to do so based on the topic, not the person who is disagreeing with you.

Personal insults and attacks can quickly escalate and include more members defending the attacked member or supporting the attacker and that leads to toxicity among members in one thread spilling over to several other threads.

No matter how frustrated another member makes you, just remember we are all fans of the same team and the only real difference between you and those who disagree with you is what is the best method for the team to achieve success.

The Dallas Cowboys are going to do what they want to do regardless of what Cowboys fans think about it. That means even if half the members hate your favorite player or loves the player you cannot stand, it will have no impact on what the Cowboys actually do.

We encourage everyone to post their opinions, support their opinions and debate their opinions, but keep those discussions about the topic, not the posters.

If you find yourself really angry or frustrated at another member, we strongly recommend you leave that thread and find a thread on a different topic to spend your time posting.

We really do not want to have to suspend accounts, but with the recent increase in personal insults and attacks, we are being forced to do it.

So please do the staff and everyone else a favor and remember we are all Cowboys fans!
Not open for further replies.