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    We basically just use streaming for our tv options with the exception of watching cowboys games. So two questions, it’s only my wife and I so would 100 mbs be enough for streaming and where can we go to to watch the cowboys games via streaming. Thank you
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    Easily 100mbs would handle it. 100mbs could handle 4 Ultra HD streams plus other stuff without buffering np problem.

    Standard def streams you need 2-3mbs for a clean stream. HD probably closer to 5mb. Ultra HD 4k stuff probably 10mbs could do it, but 15 to be safe. That said, bandwidth is something you shouldn't skimp on. If you can get a 100mb connection, do it.

    Now, if they offer upgrades to 200+. You don't need that. If they give you 150+ for the same price as 100mb. Just take it.

    I have 150mb and we can have 3 4k streams going while watching Youtube and other stuff and the only time I see buffering is why my cable company has an issue or the streaming company.
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    They also have to make sure the router can handle that bandwidth spread throughout multiple devices.. Typically, the default ones these companies supply get bogged down pretty fast. Some have a cap of 15 devices connected at once. Some might think that is a lot, but with a family of four and everything being connected now, it goes fast.

    So yeah, you shouldn't skimp on bandwidth, but you should also invest in a good router.

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