Video: T.O. discusses time in Dallas, issues with Romo, Witten, Garrett

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Sep 14, 2021.

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    It was a happy day when TO was finally gone.
  2. aaev84

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    I actually think, will probably get egg thrown at me for saying this... T.O. staying would have possibly helped Dez immensely. Owens had Rice to look up to when he came out. Not only because he is the greatest WR, but most importantly the work ethic to be great. Granted, Dez had a lot of that on his own, but I think T.O. could have pushed him even more and even helped Dez' training regimine for him to last even longer with physical conditioning.
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    .........and people wonder why Parcels didn't want him.
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  5. HowardC

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    He kinda did because he was there for Austin and Austin was there for Dez.
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  6. cej757

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    The good old Romo friendly days. ;)
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    *looks at watch* your 15 minutes of fame is over, move along.
  8. Hennessy_King

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    Preach T.O. garrett romo and witten were cancers. Furthest thing from leaders
  9. Hennessy_King

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    Andy reid never had an answer with T.O. and there is one QB that loved T.O. and hes a hall of famer, while the other 3 were average when they played with him.

    Idc what anyone says about T.O. as a teammate he laid out the ultimate sacrifice in the SB with the eagles played with a busted leg, signed a waiver that basically left him on his own if something worse occured with his foot. And was the best player on the eagles team that game.
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  10. JW82

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    yup. He was a great teammate for that one game. And a total dbag the rest of the time.

  11. Hennessy_King

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    He wasnt a dbag average qbs thought they were above criticism. In dallas TO was a leader in the wr room so when they had gripes about romo having 1 on 1 practices with Witten and force fed witten the ball they complained to TO and he took it to them. You can find patrick craytons interview that talks about it
  12. charron

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    He's butt hurt-
    He is clueless-
    It's always other people fault-

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