Tanks Agent vs Stephen Jones

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bowltime26, Apr 10, 2019.

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    Check out the last 3 seconds of this video...perception is everything, but it seems like a jab to me. Stephen got the better of him by reaching out directly to Tank. :muttley:

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  2. jazzcat22

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    Need to see more and hear more if a jab or not. Did not seem like it to me.
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  3. Whyjerry

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    Thanks for sharing. Yeah I got a vibe from that bit. Agent looks like the slimy type.
  4. ItzKelz

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    From my understanding Tank, his agent and SJ were all on the phone at the same time.
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    Yep and Albert Breer has an article of what happened.

    As for Tank, he said his conversation with SJ had a lot to do with signing the contract. SJ essentially closed the deal with that call.
  6. Jeffkills

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    You can tell Stephen thinks a total turd....

    Stephen's about to call out the goons to do some knee-capping on that fool...
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  7. AbeBeta

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    Got the better of the agent? Tank won this match by getting the five year deal he wanted instead of the six year deal the team wanted. Any time a player gets out of the deal a year earlier, and still reasonably young, he's won.
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    Tank Agent and Stephen have had a history, according to Brian Broddas on talking cowboys, I believe the word he used was "hate"...just sayin
  9. cern

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    by its very nature, the relationship between an agent and the person negotiating a third party contract on their behalf is adversarial. agents are copy cats. they learn from the successes of other agents. just business as usual. once the deal is done, the agent disappears for a few years. all that matters after is the relationship between the player and the team. seems tank is happy.
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  10. Doomsday101

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    Dallas fought D-Law and D-law won lol
  11. AbeBeta

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    Please. Both are professionals.

    And clearly Tank won. The bigger concession is locking up for less time as opposed to getting another 500k apy and a third, non guaranteed year. In 6 years, the salary on that would be moderate if Tank was still producing and would make him a year older as he sought a 3rd contract
  12. Paniolo22

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    Listen to the podcast “The Business of Sports” with Andrew Brandt. David Canter gives a fantastic account of the negotiations of what went on with he and SJ. If this is somewhere else, my bad, but it was a great 45min interview discussing everyone from Vernon to Weddle to DLaw. Awesome...
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  13. Paniolo22

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  14. Future

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    Cowboys got the AAV they wanted.

    Tank's going to be a UFA at age 32. There's no difference between that and 33. There's no way this was the issue.

    People have made up a lot of narratives about Lawrence to try to make his $20m contract seem like a loss for the Cowboys, but this is the least logical. Why would he he pass on $20m at age 32? He's not going to get that again, and if he gets released before then, he's going to get even less. A longer term contract makes way more sense for Lawrence than it does the Cowboys...more likely is that as the signing bonus went up, the year came off.
  15. GMO415

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    Just like his old man, Stephen does his best negotiations with Johnny Blue
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  16. Paniolo22

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    Amazing openness by Canter. Really thought the deal was dead. Props to SJ for getting it done

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