The best NFL Draft prospects you've never heard of from Brett Kollman

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Mar 1, 2021.

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    I feel like this is actually worth your time.

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    Jamin Davis is very intriguing. The most exciting thing I saw was the way he took on and exploded through blockers. That is exactly what Dallas has been missing at the position and it also exactly what most of the "top" linebackers are missing. He's physical but looks like he also has great athleticism and instincts. He may have just become my pet cat.
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    Agree. I wasnt in on most of these guys already. Which is what I was pointing out initially. Kollman isnt rehashing and reheating the same stuff we have heard for months.
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    I seen his top-2 mentioned quite a bit, but 3-5 were all new to me and I really like what I see in Davis. A lot. If I think I can get him in the second, I'm probably OK going with Pitts in the first, honestly. That's how much I like him.
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    Jamin Davis projects as a WILL linebacker at the NFL level and appears to have the ceiling of an NFL starter. Davis is long, rangy, and explosive and that correlated to several big plays in the passing game throughout the course of Kentucky’s 2020 campaign. Davis exploded onto the scene in 2020 and wasted little time making the leap to the NFL, but his lack of high volume sample size as a featured player is cause for buyer beware. There’s plenty of untapped potential in Davis’ game and his length flashes to deconstruct blocks while he also showcases the processing power after the snap to duck under blocks and spill opposing ball-carriers into pursuit. But he has yet to master a feel of scraping through traffic and his overall quickness and confidence in decision-making leaves the door open for confident passers and ball-carriers to exploit small creates caused by his delay. Davis has very good range and long speed that will draw the attention of NFL decision-makers—as second-level speed is at a premium right now due to league trends.

    Ideal Role: Developmental WILL linebacker.

    Scheme Fit: 4-3.

    Lightly experienced, but ascending inside linebacker prospect with excellent blend of size, length and pursuit talent. Davis plays with his pads squared to the line of scrimmage, operating with quick, lateral scrapes and a nose for finding the ball-carrier. He needs to improve his technique in taking on blocks and constricting run lanes. His vision, focus and field awareness are innate strengths that all play a part in his ability to play past blockers with his eyes and pursue with consistent fluidity to the direction of the running play. He can cover big tight ends. He also plays with anticipation and an above-average catch radius to make quarterbacks pay for taking him lightly in zone. Davis could use more seasoning before he's ready for full-time snaps but he should become a starter.
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    I like Gillespie quite a bit. He does sound a bit like Wilson though, no?
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    Davis and Gillespie are intriguing. I haven't deep dived but finding a gem in the 4th-5th at Safety would be pretty cool.
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    Jamin Davis might sneak into the first round as he's been mocked there more and more. Possible he could be a guy available in the second round.
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    A lot of these you tube videos aren’t that helpful or useful, but this guy’s stuff is always really good. He knows his ****.

    The players are all pretty good picks too. As we get closer to the draft, Davis is becoming more and more mainstream and less and less hidden gem, but it is good to hear Kollman’s take on him. I’m actually a fan of the first 4 of those 5 players and wouldn’t mind seeing them in Dallas.

    Anyway, good post as Kollman always has good videos.
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    Yeah that’s the one I need to watch more of.

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