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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by goshan, Nov 7, 2021.

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    There's no blueprint. The plan has ALWAYS been to stop the run and make Dak beat em with the pass. It didn't work yesterday. The offense was horrible.

    Defense didn't help either, Course, being on the field for the majority of the game doesn't help either.

    A real bad loss. Moving on.
  2. nightrain

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    Yea, there were a lot of blueprints produced in the NFL yesterday. The Cowboys were not mentally prepared to play a good team with a hunger to win and got their butts kicked. Now, on to the Falcons.
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    no it wasnt, was a bad game, typically we make a team pay for daring Dak and this passing offense to throw..i hope they try that,

    i doubt dak misses 3 big throws to w/o receivers, doubt ac and lamb drop and easy catches, and doubt Diggs gets lit up like that..

    I truly doubt all those bounces go the way of the other team..was an oddball game..nothing went right.,,blueprint is not what happened bad execution did.i saw wide open Wrs and underestimating denver and not playing or those first 2 FGs etc.The coaches felt they could easily make that up but couldn't because of all those mistakes..Dak had one of his worst games ive ever seen..wont happen every week my friend..


    Bucs/WFT off

    all lost as well.. we lost no grounds really..we could have gained ground but the payoff picture is still exactly how it was going into the game..

    a loss is loss..

    lets let it go 24 hr rule
  4. Creeper

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    I am not surprised this is the blue print. I have been saying since the season began I would run right at Dallas DL. The formula is to run between the ends and DTs. It seems to me when the opposing offense does this, someone should be filling those gaps. I think this is where DLaw will help. He is not as easy to block.
  5. Hawkeye19

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    100% correct.

    But TB, GB, LAR etc… they are “good” teams who only beat great teams and their losses were never a reflection on their QBs bc — after all— their QBs are “elite” while Dak must remain “non elite” and forever propped up by his supporting cast.
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  6. Romo_To_Dez

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    I said yesterday that McCarthy made some bad decisions, that the team has usually been able to overcome with a high scoring offense and defense that has been getting turnovers. That didn't happen yesterday and the team got dominated as a result, in the worst game they have had in seasons. But, as you said, other Cowboys opponents can't hope for Dak to be so off or for this Cowboys team as a whole to play as badly as they did yesterday.

    Even Denver coach knows this, which is why he said he wouldn't be surprised if the Cowboys scored 35 points in the rest of their games or that he couldn't envision the Cowboys losing many more games this season.
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  7. Denim Chicken

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    Denver was able to get pressure without blitzing. They could drop more in coverage as a result. They also used disguised coverage more than Dak had seen this year.

    Other teams will try to copy, but I'm confident Moore and Dak will work in the lab and adjust.
  8. INCowboysFan

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    No doubt that they are one of, if not the, best team in football. Fortunately we don't have to worry about them. A lot can happen in the second half of the season
  9. BourbonBalz

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    The Jets beat the Titans. The J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets. Just saying.
  10. khiladi

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    Early in the season. The Titans are on a five game win streak.. The Panthers also started off 3-0.
  11. khiladi

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    Patriots are a bend don’t break scheme with Bellichek. He doesn’t care about yards, it’s the red zone defense where they excel. We got a pick 6.

    And that’s pretty much and QB in the NFL…
  12. khiladi

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    Uh no….

    We got a pick 6 and Atlanta put up 28 in the SB…
  13. VaqueroTD

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    I agree with both sides. Goshan is on to something. By now, teams are starting to know our strengths/weaknesses. McCarthy even said in one of his PCs, about week 6 or 7 the rest of the league knows you well.

    And I also agree with the other side that we were a self fulfilling prophecy by just playing like crap. Every opposing coach looks like a genius when we can't block, throw or catch.

    Probably not a coincidence either that some of this started after the Pats game. Chargers/Broncos, same coaching school, tough games. Pats, tough game. Buccs tough but maybe too early in the season. If I'm the opponent, I'm watching game tape of those 3 games to expose us - Pats, Broncos, Chargers.
  14. JoeKing

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    The blueprint to beating the Cowboys is shoving Dak's head up his butt and then allowing him to play or just being the better team. TB was the better team, Denver was the other way. ;)
  15. Hawkeye19

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    You are correct. I misspoke. Dak put up the most passing yards against a Belichik D. Not points
  16. glimmerman

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    Same blueprint. We didn’t practice hard enough and team wasn’t prepared. The flash plays that usually result in scores didn’t happen. Dropped passes and bad ones. Left your Defense on the field to long. Coaching is as much to blame as the players.
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  17. darthseinfeld

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    Hitting our WR's at the line could be a good recipe for giving up a 30+ yard play. Our WR's are very good at getting behind CB's even without jams.

    Lets hope they do this
  18. TheCoolFan

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    The blueprint his definitely in place. Now let's see how the Cowboys can adjust and which teams can exploit them like the Broncos did. Now we are about to see how GREAT Kellen Moore actually is.

  19. CT Dal Fan

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    What "blueprint"? Did the Bucs, Chargers, Eagles, Panthers, Giants, Patriots, and Vikings' coaching staffs spend their week of preparation for the Cowboys watching Netflix instead of game film? And it took the genius Vic Fangio to crack the code?

    Overreaction is easy after a game like this. Let's just accept the fact the entire team was hot garbage yesterday and move on. If teams want to copy Denver from now on the Cowboys will be in excellent shape because they'll be ready for it this time too.
  20. quickccc

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    - Dak was beating these loaded box and blitzers with his quick read- release (before this game) ..and he wasn't missing targets the way he was this Denver game.
    He was taking care of secondaries who were left exposed by the extra blitizing safety

    - Teams were already loading up extra men in the box, because they wanted to stop the Zeke-pollard run game and make the Cowboys one-dimensional
    what did Denver do differently with their load up front that was different than what Belicheck, Bucs and others did ?

    Another problem was the OT protection (to start) ...
    - do we remember Pat Mahomes being hurried and harassed all night in the SB without his starting OTs' ?

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