The problems with the defense, exclusive to the Cowboys?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CouchCoach, Jun 7, 2021.

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    We're likely to field a better team than we did last year but some other teams can claim the same.

    The results are about to be discovered in the weeks and months that lie ahead. It'll be interesting.
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    A while back I discussed how the average number of INT's for a season in the 70's for a team was twice as much as what we see today. That doesn't mean the DB's are less skilled or athletic, quite the opposite. It's just far more difficult to get them these days.

    Throughout the entire 70's an NFL team had single digit INT's for their season 8 times. That is a ten year period, a full decade. During the decade of 2010-2019, that number is 46 times, 5 of those seasons belong to the Dallas Cowboys.
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    The problem we have is that recently the Jones' have tried to build the Defense around 1 or 2 expensive leaders and hoped they would pull the JAGS together into a unit.

    The lack of available CAP (when compared to other teams) results in us getting low end JAGS (Poe, Worley, Clinton-Dix)...... you pay peanuts you get monkey's.

    Unlike an offense, which can rely on a couple of superstars, Defense is only as good as it's weakest element.

    Even the Jones' had to concede that the Defense is just got not good enough, hence the 2021 draft.
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    I agree with the money and talent going to the offense. The problem I see is Dallas isnt getting enough production from their later round drafted players.
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    No. Everything is geared toward the offense.
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    The Salary Cap is probably the biggest factor. There just isn’t enough to retain Defensive talent assuming you’ve invested on offense.

    And why drafts are so critical to retain a solid defense. It’s why our defense has been so bad as we’ve missed( bust or risk) too many times on top picks( 1st and 2nd round) on defense.

    Drafts have never been so critical than Salary Cap era as teams churn rosters every year.
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    Are we missing Taco yet?

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