The root of the problem

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Redball Express, Nov 26, 2020.

  1. Redball Express

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    Keeping Moore was like keeping Linehan.

    It wasn't going to work.

    And the fact that Big Mike decided early on that he would not call the plays and keep Moore was outrageous.

    For me his original contract must have said he was to be OC AND be HC. Then that quickly changed.


    Maybe Big Mike was not feeling his new offense was good enough. Don't know really.

    But as soon as Mike changed the terms of his employment..

    He should have been released.

    Now what we have is a much older HC vs. Garrett..

    who like Garrett is in over his head.

    I would much rather have had Richard as HC and let him hire new up and coming assistant coaches.

    This staff with McCarthy is obsolete by any measuring stick.

    I have seen Campo and Gailey fail..

    seen Parcells give up early and Garrett suck the cream off the top for 10 years.

    But at least they all put competitive teams on the field.

    McCarthy cannot.

    We bees in trouble folks.

    This version of the Cowboys is completely foriegn to all of us.

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  2. Playmaker3128

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    Moore was kept cause Jerry wants him to be the next Sean Peyton... and then JJ can get the credit for keeping him.
    It’s the same reason Jerry overpays for players he shouldn’t.

    he’s afraid they’ll go somewhere else and shine and it will make him look bad. So for better or worse he keeps them.
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  3. efh313

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    Yeah well I’m ready to see a new OC or at least see what Big Mac calling plays looks like.
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  4. ArtClink

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    We have to keep Moore. He is an ex player, the most important coaching credential. He is also being groomed to be our next head coach. I have seen no evidence Moore has any talent as a coach but hey its Dallas and its being driven by the Jones boys.
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  5. Cowboyz88

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  6. CATCH17

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    I said it when we hired McCarthy.. What is the point of hiring him and him not calling plays?

    Nothing against Kellen Moore but you don’t hire Mike McCarthy for him to be a walk around head coach.
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  7. DakPresgoat

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    We have a winner.
  8. unionjack8

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    Get Lincoln Riley in, fresh face, fresh culture, fresh ideas.
  9. Sully

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    Dallas will NOT see a NFC championship game until Jerry visits his strength/conditioning coach
  10. TequilaCowboy

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    I feel the root of the problem is JJ himself....but anyway, MM keeping KM as OC has got to be a demand coming down from JJ....Mike making a deal with the devil shows the desperation he was in to get back into the NFL. If i was MM going down in flames, i would have taken control of the offense myself once I saw this thing was going south. The fact he has not done that shows me he does not have that power to do that. Boys and Girls, this is what happens when you deal with the devil, you begin to regret it very quickly.
  11. Williamsboys

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    The Dallas Cowboys got 'gobbled" up on Thanksgiving by a team with no name for the Second time this season..
    And to think Cowboy's fans were gloating earlier this year while putting down said team..
    The Washington Football team may be a joke, but Dallas has to be the Punch Line..
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  12. Cmac

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    Dear Mike him. Your job is at stake and you're getting help......the wrong kind.
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  13. JayFord

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    My issue is this

    Moore is either Hot or Cold

    he doesn’t call an Ok game or a oh hum it could’ve been better game

    he either crafts a masterpiece or a complete dud
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  14. RS12

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    Not even close. See response number 4. As long as the cancer of the Jones ownership continues we will rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic every year.
  15. garyo1954

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    The root of the problem has always been the Plat guarantee.
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  16. Jake

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    The root of the problem has been the same for over 2 decades while fans complain about the latest symptoms.

  17. fivetwos

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    Square pegs in round holes.

    That's what these two try to do.
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  18. kumizi

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    who hired MM?
    who signed Zeke?
    who signed Jaylon?
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  19. Jake

    Jake Curmudgeon

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    This is as much a fantasy as Trevor Lawrence.

    The culture is the Jones Friends & Family Plan.
  20. LucaBrasi

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    This is 100% correct. I love this place, I think I’ve been here 15 years, and without fail every HC, OC, and DC needs run out of town. It’s comical.

    owner and son have no clue how to build a roster. After that fact, doesn’t matter who’s coaching.
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