This franchise is two quality DTs away from kicking it in this league

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Typhus, Jan 8, 2020.

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    I typically don't start threads in this forum, but I am happy today, and I will impose my rights today on this forum... lol
    Ive already expressed my feelings as far as the staff/coaching changes being made on this forum.
    This franchise is two quality DTs away from kicking it in this league....
    We were this year,, other than the horrible coaching staff.
    With this new staff in place,, sky is the limit.
    Just bring me some interior defensive lineman, we need a 1 and a 2 and maybe another that doesn't even fit this fan base narrative , maybe a 7,, I don't care what name or number you give the man,, just bring in some substantial talent at DT and this team wins multiple championships... blast away doubters.
  2. Bobhaze

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    I hope you’re right....but I’m more inclined to believe we’re “two Jones’ stepping away” from being better.
  3. garyv

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    More than two DT's they need a CB and a Safety

    More than the Draft they need to be active in Free Agency
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  4. CapnCook

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  5. Jimbo123

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    A couple of linebackers would also be nice
  6. Kingofholland

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    Dts, speed rusher, and some dbs is what this team will need. But good coaching amd scheme could mask some deficiencies.
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  7. Irvin88_4life

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    With McCarthy hiring his own staff I would say they have stepped back. Now if McCarthy has success and wins a championship or two will they continue to stay back or try to run things again.
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  8. SmarterThanEinstein

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    Defensive coach that's good would be nice
  9. stasheroo

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    I understand the sentiment and would love some real options there as well, but I think it's an oversimplification. As of now, who are your cornerbacks? Or your free safety? Or your 2nd or 3rd Linebackers?
  10. StarOfGlory

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    Every time I see a post about our DT's I can't forget that we drafted Morris Claiborne over Fletcher Cox. I was so pissed when he fell to the Eagles.
  11. Redball Express

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    I agree about scheme and deficiencies.

    Nolan will need to work with what he gets and coach it up alot with his staff.

    This coming draft will be defensive additions as will FA.

    Also interested in if for STs we can draft or find a kick returner who can stop making our drives start inside our own 20.

    The longer the season went on..the longer our starting field position became.

    While on the other side, they consistently started about the 40. This really placed alot of pressure on the defense which usually buckled trying to stop anything.

    Being able to better perform on ST would win at least a couple more games a year.

    Also wondering if our PKer is going to stick or are we looking for improvement there?

    I hope we will be looking.
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  12. Bigtommyb

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    Brockers and Darius.
  13. Manster68

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    Javon Kinlaw DT South Carolina looks real inviting at the #17 pick. Grab a big, fat free agent too.
  14. big dog cowboy

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    Run stuffing DT, ball hawk S, cover CB, improved special teams.

    This team is ready to win and go deep in the playoffs and win big there with just those 4 things alone.

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