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    Some advance warning that what you are about to read will not be pleasant. Stop now if you don't want to see what just might be the absolute worst year in Dallas Cowboys history. This isn't some Cowboys bashfest or an attempt to bring everyone down. It's simply a history lesson. A trip down memory lane and some valuable lessons in what not to do.

    So again, if you're going to be offended by the topic, do me, yourself, and everyone else a favor and don't read any further because it's not pretty and you won't like what you see.

    This is a story about the 2000 Vowboys and how they may be the worst team in franchise history. Not in terms of record, we've seen worse there. But in terms of sheer incompetence, poor decision-making, and outright mistakes.

    In my opinion, nothing can top the year 2000 for being the absolute pits in terms of poor choices, and watching this team being screwed up for decades. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong, and every choice and decision was proven to be the wrong one. Not just a little wrong either, but Hall of Fame worthy wrong.

    First, Jerry Jones made the decision to fire Chan Gailey. This after the man had an above .500 record and made the playoffs both years he was here.

    To replace him? Jones made the worst choice he possibly could make - Dave frickin' Campo. The "last man standing" from the glory days. While names like Bill Belicheck were signing on to coach the Patriots - and how did that turn out? - Jerry Jones made the decision to go with Dave Campo.

    To follow that up, the decision was made to trade away not one, but two 1st round draft picks for Joey Galloway. This move was made in an attempt to replace Michael Irvin who's career was abruptly ended. One bad thing happening after another. And on top of that, Galloway needed a new big, fat contract. Bad enough, right? No, it gets worse. Much, much worse.

    During a week one blowout loss, in-over-his-head-coach Dave Campo has Galloway stay in the game. After starting QB Troy Aikman's had suffered a severe concussion and the day was lost. Only for Galloway himself to tear his ACL and be lost for the season. Thanks coach!

    Then we come to the NFL Draft that year. In trying to replace cornerback Deion Sanders who had bolted to the rival Redskins (thanks Deion! You ******* mercenary!), the Cowboys decided to just throw whatever remaining draft picks they had left at cornerbacks. Of the 5 total picks they had left, they used 3 of them on cornerbacks.

    2 pick 49 Dwayne Goodrich DB Tennessee

    4 pick 109 Kareem Larrimore DB West Texas A&M

    5 pick 144 Michael Wiley RB Ohio State

    6 pick 180 Mario Edwards DB Florida State

    7 pick 219 Orantes Grant LB Does anyone really care?

    The claim to fame of this group would be Dwayne Goodrich, and the fact that he never did anything on the field, but got drunk and killed people while reckless driving off the field. That's it. It was a complete washout.

    By the way, the 2000 draft was where QB Tom Brady came from. And it also happened to coincide with the final season of Troy Aikman's career. You couldn't have written up this tragedy any better if you tried.

    I'm sure everyone knows the rest, Campo showed he never deserved the job in the first place, the team suffered through not one, not two, but three 5-11 seasons in finding that out, and the organization spiraled into a funk that showed no end in sight until Bill Parcells rode in to the rescue and helped to reestablish a lost level of respectability.

    There have been mistakes made before and since, and some down seasons, but I can't help but to look back at the year 2000 as the very worst, and most destructive in the history of the franchise.

    And if you've actually kept reading to this point, good for you o glutton for punishment! I'm wondering if you can think of a worse time of decision-making and ineptitude?
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    Larrimore could actually play, didn’t he have weed issues or something. Wiley also could play, been a long while so who knows what my mind remembers
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    Rough times for sure.
    I remember watching them play on either Christmas or thanksgiving that year.
    Tennessee 31-0 and thinking this cowboys team would have lost to the 89 cowboys.
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    Mario Edwards was the most successful of that draft. IIRC he got a decent contract when he left the Cowboys.
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    Uh! I guess I can use this thread as an excuse to start drinking early. Salud!!
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    I remember not being able to watch that first game and seeing the headline on about us being destroyed, Aikman having a concussion and Galloway tearing his ACL and thinking it must be a joke or something. I was younger then and always got so hyped up about our team in the off-season thinking we were going to be great and then losing all that optimism after the first game.

    Bad times.
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    Glad I could "help"!
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    It was referred to as the "Pickle Juice game". The temperatures were sweltering, and the Eagles looked prepared and fresh while the Cowboys weren't. Yet another example of why Coaching Matters in my book. One team had it in Andy Reid while the other didn't.
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    Everyone rips on Campo but he never had a shot. Setup to fail from day 1 with an aging team and Jerry running the show. The front office’s complete inability to make a competent decision killed that team.
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    I guess I'm missing the point here stash. Are you saying that the worst is yet to come, or that the worst is in the past?
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    How could I forget the three 5-11 seasons.

    I was in high school. And I always thought Dave Campo looked like George Costanza.

    Jokes about the stupid faces on those cowboys teams was all I had to get me through the pain and agony.
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    2000 was the best. It forced Jerry to hire Bill Parcells to get his stadium leading to Romo and Demarcus Ware Years. It lead to the firing of Larry Lacewell as Director of Player Personnel who drafted from 1994-2002.

    The problem is that Jerry Jones keeps firing or running off Super Bowl Winning Head Coaches (Landry, Johnson and Parcells).
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    at the time I liked Dwayne Goodrich...liked him at Tennessee.
    thought that might be a good'n there.
    demonstrates why I make my wage in a bathroom cleanin' and not in The Cowboys War Room draft'n.
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    He was a nice guy and had a real down to earth approach to him, and let's face it, the front office did him no favors whatsoever with an aging and capped-out team, along with Larry Lacewell just destroying the draft. I pity poor Dave Campo. He was never qualified for the job, but he was dealt an awful hand as well.
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    "Oh, my aching balls." - Dave Campo in "Hard Knocks"

    Perfect summation of those years.
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    How about ol' Dave in that wet suit at Sea World or wherever it was?
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    Parcells got here three seasons later, so.......
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    LOL, yeah. I actually love that guy. He's an awesome dude.
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