Thoughts on Browns Hard Knocks

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Hennessy_King, Aug 9, 2018.

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    Just my take on the first episode. The way Hugh sits guys in training camp is exactly what Garrett does and it really pisses me off. Todd Haley was spot on about coaching in fear. I really like Baker Mayfield, I think he is going to be really good. Landry is a beast and I really liked his speech to the WR room. Watching Hugh lose his brother and mom in back to back weeks was tough and I really feel for the guy. Dorsey looks like a ****** walking around in flip flops and a sweatshirt. Going to be interesting watching how the Tyrod/Mayfield situation turns out. Let me know what you think.
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    Thanks for the reminder. Completely forgot, maybe cause it was the Browns year.
  3. CPanther95

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    You pretty much summed up all of my thoughts about it.

    It's always interesting to see how the coaching staff interprets the preseason game performances. Looking forward to that next week.
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    Time for me to add HBO, watch Hard Knocks, and catch up on all the shows on demand again. Then do the same with Showtime and cancel for another year.
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    Landry is super underrated. Just because he didn’t run a sub-4.5 he’s not worth giving money to. He was Miami’s Offense, and he’ll single-handedly keep Mayfield in the game when he’s not up to snuff.
  6. John813

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    It wasn't due to his speed. It was due to him wanting a lot of money, maybe rightfully so, and him and Gase having some minor spats over the playbook , usage and other things.

    Miami instead wanted to not pay one receiver that much and go after a potential sleeper in Wilson and a dependable when healthy guy in Danny Amendola.

    Of course Miami the previous year wasted 10mil on Cutler, and extensions to Kiko Alonso and Branch when they didn't need to. So, I'm not necessarily saying the Dolphins are experts at cap management/retention of players.

    Good break down on Landry. Dolphins think they could get Wilson to do what he did, or close to it, for cheaper.
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  7. jay94

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    I already like Hue Jackson more then Garret after watching one episode.
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  8. Sarge

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    I like sticky boogers more than Garrett.
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  9. Hennessy_King

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    Watched the 2nd Episode. I thought they were too easy on Callaway. I really really like Mayfield. I think browns might do some good things this year. I think Hue is over his head I don't think he is a good head coach. I think he is a good coach just not a head coach. I love greg williams and the intensity he brings to a defense. I wish we would have dumped marinelli for him. Also wanted to comment on the Juest kid and his story. Awesome. You can tell he might not make the team but him out there with that sore shoulder shows how bad he wants it.
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  10. Verdict

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    I think Cleveland is really on the way up and Cleveland made the right call on Mayfield. He is going to make that franchise relevant again and soon. Landry is a stud. WR are strong.

    I feel sorry that the head coach lost family members and he has my sympathy. Having said that I don't think he is a good coach. Reminds me of the mad Poodle but less spastic. Sort of a dunce.

    Williams will field a great defense although he is a psycho lunatic. Same with Haley.
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  11. Cattle_Rancher

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    Watching that reminds me of why I wanted Landry so bad wanted the Cowboys to trade for him. He is what Dak needs.

    Wanted them to hire Greg Williams as the DC several times over the years. That man can make a sailor blush lol. I loved his halftime speech lol.

    Haley may of been one of the best pickups for the Browns a lot better OC than Scott.

    Calloway might be a stud if he keeps his head on straight.

    I bet they win a few games this year.
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  12. jay94

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    I really like Hue Jackson!
  13. AtlCPA

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    I’m not a fan. He seems to coddle his players too much. It seemed to piss off Jarvis Landry.
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  14. jay94

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    I haven't watched them all, but even with the Cowboys thrown in here so far, my favorite season of Hard Knocks. I can get that about Jackson, but does eviscerating someone? Cutting him in shreds make the situation better? That is what society teaches you, but I don't believe that is the path you should be following.
  15. Hennessy_King

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    Third episode down. I thought dez was signed the way he toured the facility. Seeing the landry Mitchell situation boil up until they exploded was entertaining. I think landry really gives them an edge. I love Gregg Williams when he yells at Haley telling them to block if they dont want the qb hit. Tyrod is 29 years old and we have been calling him the wrong name this whole time. That preseason game my goodness some of those calls were awful, but the browns looked like the browns.
  16. Blake

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    Hue Jackson does not command much of a presence in my eyes. He's terrible.

    I think the culture there is changing for the better though, and Baker Mayfield seems pretty legit. He's really acquiescing to being in the football underworld.
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    I don't, and I want Garrett gone.
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