Thoughts on McGovern?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DeStorm, Nov 27, 2020.

  1. DeStorm

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    I have not had a chance to really watch him yet Does anyone have some feedback on his play so far?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. JoeKing

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    The Conners... Willams and McGovern are doing better yet drowning in an ocean with no help.
  3. Established1971

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    lol The Conners. We need to get rid of our Roseanne, namely McCarthy
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  4. Bullflop

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    Maybe so but Jerry and Stephen are egotistical characters who are hell-bound to assert their authority, whether it's right or wrong.

    I think they're likely to retain the entire staff, with the obvious excuse that it takes time for continuity to enhance a team's standing.
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  5. Whyjerry

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    It’s essentially his rookie year plus they have no help outside. That said I like what I see. He is stronger than Williams. Not as athletic but a better all around G. I think you can pencil him into the lineup next season. A starter or a very good depth across the middle of the OL. He is a keeper.
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  6. DasSchnitzel

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    I don't have the time or knowledge to intricately analyze their game footage. But they seem fine and they grade well in PFF. Im not super convinced in PFF but I think they do pretty well with OL.

    PFF has McGovern at 25 and Williams at 18. Considering 64 guards start every week and they're both only 23 years old, I feel really good about the Connors.

    It's actually got me wondering about moving Collins to the left side and Martin to RT when Tyron Smith goes down next year or we move on from him.
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  7. TheCoolFan

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    This season is all about finding some building blocks for the future. So far Dalton Schultz looks like a keeper. Maybe Donovan Wilson as well. McGovern is showing signs of life so he could be another one. If we find someone on the DL who can flash (maybe Gallimore) then I think this will be a successful year in what has become a lost season.
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