Timb2's Post Combine NFL Mock Draft,Additional Rounds Later,Trades & Reasons For The Pick

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    2019 NFL Mock Draft

    1-Cardinals-TRADE to Giants .Cards receive Giants 2019 1st,2nd,4th and 2020 1st ,2nd, & 6th

    1-Giants-Dwayne Haskins QB(6'-3",231 lbs) Ohio State.
    Reason for this pick-Haskins grew up a Giants fan and Giants need a QB to groom behind Manning who is in his final year of his contract and his career.

    2-49ers- TRADE to Dolphins.49ers receive 2019 1st,2nd 7th and 2020 1st & 4th and Devante Parker

    2-Dolphins-Drew Lock(6'-4",228 lbs)QB Missouri
    Reason for this pick- Dolphins are one of several teams in the hunt for a QB.Not sure 49ers want to trade to Broncos or Redskins after how his Father got seen the door.

    3-Jets-TRADE to Redskins receive 2019 1st,3rd and 2020 2nd & 4th

    3-Redskins- Daniel Jones QB (6'-5",221 lbs) Duke
    Reason-Have to get a QB because not sure Alex Smith is healthy enough to play football anymore.Also Smith is at the end of his career also.Is this pick too high? Yeah but teams are desperate for QBs

    4-Raiders-D. K. Metcalf(6'-3",228 lbs)WR Mississippi
    Reason-How many times do a Calvin Johnson type player come along. The guy is The Total Package.

    5-Buccaneers-Montez Sweat(6'-6",260 lbs)DE Mississippi State
    Reason-Another freak of nature who ran a 4.41 forty at 260 lbs???Had 11.5 sacks in 2018

    6-Cardinals-TRADE to Bengals receive 2019 1st 3rd and 2020 2nd a& 5th

    6-Bengals-Kyler Murray(5'-10",217 lbs)QB Oklahoma
    Reason-Andy Dalton is just an average QB. Need to excite fans with an alternative to the Statue Dalton.Bengals need to get ahead of Jaguars and Broncos.

    7-Jaguars-Rashan Gary(6'-4",277 lbs) DE Michigan
    Reason-Jags now sign Nic Foles to be their QB after the draft falls this way.Gary is not a bad consolation prize. The guy runs a 4.5 forty at almost 280 lbs is incredible. Heir apparent to Calais Campbell who is 32 years old and not getting any younger.

    8-Bills- Josh Allen(6'-5",262 lbs)DE Kentucky
    Reason-Desperately need youthful pass rushers .Allen had 17 sacks in 2018.

    9-Lions-Brian Burns(6'-5",249 lbs)DE Florida State
    Reason-need someone better than Kerry Hyder off the edge. Burns runs a 4.53 forty and had 10 sacks in 2018

    10-Broncos -Tyree Jackson(6'-7",249 lbs)QB Buffalo
    Reason-WHAT???? WHO?? Yeah but this guy has the ability to become a special player.Reminds me of Daunte Culpepper.Has a rocket for an arm and can beat you with his legs. . Jackson is raw and he sits as the understudy behind another tall QB in Joe Flacco until he is ready to takeover.Most likely in mid 2020.
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    11-Cardinals-Greedy Williams(6'-2",185 lbs)CB LSU
    Reason-They cannot be seriously thinking of keeping Robert Alford as a starter. There was a reason the Falcons waived him as he was their most penalized player. Also pick Williams from LSU hoping to sooth Patrick Peterson's demands to be traded by getting a fellow player from his alma mater.

    12-Packers-TRADE to Steelers receive Antonio Brown & LeVeon Bell

    12-Steelers-Devin White(6'-0",238 lbs)ILB LSU
    Reason-Impact player they need that they lack in the ILB spots. Ran a 4.42

    13-49ers-Dexter Lawrence(6'-3",342 lbs)DT Clemson
    Reason-Takes over for Earl Mitchell and the Niners have 4 1st round and hulking D-Linemen.36 reps and running a 5.05 forty at 340 + lbs is scary.

    14-Falcons-Jonah Williams (6'-4",302 lbs)OG Alabama
    Reason-Levitre and Fusco are both long in the tooth. Williams is a mauler and has a mean streak. Just a little short where he could slide inside and become an ALL-PRO OG.

    15-Jets-Andre Dillard OT Washington State
    Reason-You have your franchise in Sam Darnold and you better give him an pass protector. Dillard is long and has great feet to become a good LT.

    16-Panthers-Nic Bosa(6'-4",266 lbs)DE Ohio State
    Reason-Panthers need help at DE. Surprised to see Bosa still on the board and don't waste time running to the podium
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    17-Browns-Garrett Bradbury(6'-3",306 lbs)OG NC State
    Reason-Bradbury can play either OG or C. Browns need to improve their o-line.

    18-Vikings-Hakeem Butler(6'-5",227 lbs)WR Iowa State
    Reason-Diggs would be better suited as the Slot WR. Butler is huge and can become the big possession WR

    19-Titans-Parris Campbell(6'-0",205 lbs)WR Ohio State
    Reason-Titans really need a difference maker at WR. Campbell is the fastest WR at the Combine running a 4.31 forty.

    20-Steelers-Jamel Dean(6'-1",206 lbs)CB Auburn
    Reason-Coty Sensabaugh starts and that's not a good thing. Artie Burns has regressed. Steelers need to fix this. Dean ran a 4.30 forty.
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    21-Seahawks-Noah Fant (6'-4",249 lbs)TE Iowa
    Reason-really need a deep threat at TE. Fant is the fastest TE running a 4.50 forty.

    22-Ravens-Terry McLaurin (6'-0",208 lbs)WR Ohio State
    Reason-Ravens really need a impact WR. McLaurin is fast running a 4.35 forty.

    23-Texans-Chris Lindstrom(6'-4",308 lbs)OG Boston College
    Reason-Deshaun Watson was the most sacked QB in the league. Not a great OT draft so get a stud OG and OT later in the draft.

    24-Raiders-Clenin Ferrell(6'-4",264 lbs)DE Clemson
    Reason-Need help rushing the passer. Ferrell had 11.5 sacks last season.

    25-Eagles-Isiah Johnson(6'-2",208 lbs)CB Houston
    Reason-Trash talking CB who doesn't back down. Big and fast 4.40 forty.Eagles are searching for a #1 CB.

    26-Colts-Quinnen Williams(6'-3",308 lbs)DT Alabama
    Reason-Impact DT who can dominate at times.

    27-Raiders-Andy Isabella (5'-9",185 lbs)WR Massachusetts
    Reason-Raiders need players at WR who can produce.
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    28-Chargers-Ryan Finley(6'-4",213 lbs)QB NC State
    Reason-Rivers is nearing the end of his career.

    29-Chiefs-Trayvon Mullen (6'-1",199 lbs)CB Clemson
    Reason-desperately need CBs

    30-Packers-TJ Hockenson(6'-5",251 lbs)TE Iowa
    reason-need to get younger on this team.

    31-Rams-Jordan Brailford(6'-3",252 lbs)DE Oklahoma State
    reason-Edge rusher is needed for passing downs besides just Aaron Donald.Brailford had 9 .5 sacks last year

    32-Patriots-Amani Oruwariye(6'-2",208 lbs)CB Penn State
    reason-Need someone who can play opposite Gilmore.
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    Lmao ain’t no way in hell team paying all that to move up few spots. Get off the pipe
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    This is a very good defensive draft.
    Haskins will be there at 6.

    Even if the Giants fear another team jumping them they still wouldn't have to get the first overall pick to secure him
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    Miami is tough to decipher this offseason but I can't see them sending all those picks for a QB in this class. In 2020 that's a different story.
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    Teams overpay for QBs and yes this is a loaded defensive class and so some teams might think they can get good defensive players especially defensive tackles in 2nd & 3rd rounds. Skill players are needed and will be a priority. WRs,TEs,CBs,QBs.
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    2nd round

    33-Cardinals-TRADE to Cowboys receive 2019 3rd round, and both 4th rounds and 2020 2nd round.

    33-Cowboys Ed Oliver (6'-2",287 lbs)DT Houston
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    1st ROUND





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    Appreciate the effort but I don't think the Cards are trading us the 33rd pick without us including our #58 pick.
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    Haha well it was exciting to read, definitely different from any other mock and the draft never goes the way anyone predicts, so who knows?

    I don’t think that many QBs go in the first round or that many teams trade up to get them. Tyree Jackson will have to wait another 100 picks or so to hear his name called, but I would love to get Ed Oliver for sure. Draftniks are undervaluing the fact that he dominated for years despite being double and triple teamed. He’s my favorite player in the draft and should go top 5.
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    I don't want to give up #58 because I want this guy who had off field trouble as a freshmen and not invited to the Combine.Hoping he drops to us. He got in a fight in a McDonald's. Somebody must took the last apple pie or grabbed his kids toy??Since Randy Gregory is still being a boneheaded moron and David Irving wants to follow his guru Ricky Williams . Select Ferguson who had 17 sacks in 2018

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