To rebuild the defense it's starts with be able to stop the run


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Nope, you take that top rated defensive player on your board, if there is not a higher rated offensive player. Dlaw and Gregory is a very good combo. You have Hill, Woods, Gallimore, and Hamilton on the inside. There is room to improve, but they can be competent.

You take the best player available on defense no matter what position.

Great post. Our DE's and LBs are fine, add a good draft pick and decent FA to Hill, Gallimore and Woods and your DTs are fine.

The big issues this year have been execution and injuries, not lack of talent. Look at the Dallas defense in the Rams game in week one, not the debacles we saw in Cleveland.


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Then you trade down.

I don't care if they take all defensive players. They need to take the best player on their board for every pick, and fill in with cheap free agents.
Yeah, that's what I said, trade down.

If the best player on their board in the first 3 rounds is WR, RB, WR, then taking that position would be the ultimate of stupidity. BPA is prolly the dumbest way to draft there is.