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Tweet Question

Discussion in 'CZ Support Zone' started by RodeoJake, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. RodeoJake

    RodeoJake Well-Known Member

    2,546 Messages
    4,193 Likes Received
    I'm not seeing the tweets in posts. It simply says, "tweet loading" but they don't show. Is there a setting I need to change?
  2. Tabascocat

    Tabascocat Dexternjack Zone Supporter

    20,034 Messages
    22,686 Likes Received
    Slow internet and/or the device is the culprit :thumbup:
  3. Reality

    Reality Admin

    22,913 Messages
    40,729 Likes Received
    Javascript must be enabled for them to show. If javascript is enabled then you may have a plugin/extension that is blocking them. I have also read comments by other people on other sites that embedded tweets may not show for Firefox users who have "third-party cookies" disabled.
  4. RodeoJake

    RodeoJake Well-Known Member

    2,546 Messages
    4,193 Likes Received
    Switched to Chrome and they're working now.

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