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Twitter: Two NFL teams with a playoff win percentage below .250

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ShortRound, May 4, 2022.

  1. MountaineerCowboy

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    There is no "hurt" from them not winning. Yeah, it sucks, but I go about and enjoy my days just fine. The winning and losing does not affect me in my everyday life. Again, as I've said with other, if your happiness in life comes from Dallas Cowboys wins then I feel sorry for you.

    The "I told you so" stuff is simply from being able to read the tea leaves and looking at things with unbiased eyes. It's not that I'm THAT much smarter than others, although I know, it does seem that way sometimes =] . It's just that I don't allow my fandom to dictate my takes.

    The reason you thought we had a decent chance of winning is because as I said above, you're looking at it with biased eyes. If you would have read my posts before the San Fran game then you maybe wouldn't have been so let down with the loss. I laid out perfectly that the team had been struggling on offense since like Week 8, San Fran was rolling, San Fran had faced and beaten better competition, they played in a much tougher division, so their record was deceiving, and they simply had a better overall team both coaching wise and player wise. Plus, it was the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs. That loss should not have surprised anyone that knew anything about this team. The fact that you couldn't see that say's a lot to be honest.

    Of course I enjoy the wins. The passive aggressive stuff I can do without, but I know you're trying to somehow show your superior or something, but you're coming off just as delusional as the people we laugh at on here anytime they post something like "I have no idea what went wrong, blah blah blah" when some of us having been trying to tell them all season.

    So, with that said, no, I'm not "preparing for the worse" or "shielding myself" in case the teams fails. It's simply knowing what you're seeing. I usually always have reasons as to why I believe we will win or lose a game. It's not like I'm just predicting loses every week as a security blanket thing. I'm just able to see things for what they are and don't allow my fandom to get in the way of that.
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  2. terra

    terra Well-Known Member

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    The real problem I have with the Cowboys is the fact that they are run by a con man and his wannabe con man son.

    How some here keep falling for their con is amazing.

    I was a Cub fan for a very long time; so I know all about futility. From the early 70's through the 90's. I just finally pretty much faded away as a Cubs fan. I still care somewhat but the losing so burned me out that when they finally did win I felt....blah.

    I hope I do not reach that point with the Cowboys but right now I am not hopeful.
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  3. MaineBoy

    MaineBoy Well-Known Member

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    Where’s Rockport when you need him ? He needs to attack all these “haters” who criticize our perfect organization for having such an atrocious and embarrassing playoff win percentage.
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  4. Dre11

    Dre11 Well-Known Member

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    I know who you follow too...lol
    You're in denial...seek help...lol
  5. CouchCoach

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    This is very simple. AZ, CHI, CIN, LV, NY, NE, NO and PIT are family run franchises but they do not try to actually run the football side, just the business side and they have people to help them do that as well, as do the Joneses.

    The problem is the owner keeps surrounding himself with family, all in line for inheritance so where does the balance come from necessary to make the best decisions? It's not a family run business, it is a patriarchy.

    Bidwell, Halas, Davis, Mara, Kraft, Benson and Rooney all have more experience in the NFL than the Joneses and they all know to hire people smarter than them in the sport. Brown and Jones don't get it but at least Brown was raised in the NFL by a legend in the game. They all had people to learn form, who has Booger learned from and who from him? He didn't even take the opportunity to learn from Johnson or Parcells, so hellbent to create his won path and legend.
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  6. MoistMayonnaise

    MoistMayonnaise Devil's Advocate

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    Gimme the money!

    The Jones'
  7. JayFord

    JayFord Well-Known Member

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    How about Washington is the only NFL team to not win more than 10 games in a season in the last 31 years
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  8. DogFace

    DogFace Carharris2

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    Maybe you’re not trying to shield yourself from pain. Maybe you just like antagonizing more diehard/dedicated/ or whatever you want to call them-fans and being negative because it helps you somehow validate yourself when the negative crowd gives you praise.

    All I know is you’re almost always negative except when you briefly jumped on the Dak bandwagon once it got rolling.

    Call yourself a realist to feel superior If that makes you feel better about your fandom or yourself. You can call that passive aggression if you’d like, but I have no other way of saying it. What else am I to think? That you're a football wizard that knows more than everyone else and therefore you have to view the game as an analysts from an unbiased perspective and I should respect and applaud that?

    To most of us football is entertainment that we want to enjoy and we enjoy more by pulling for the team to win and looking at the positive side of things. I look ar real life things in an unbiased way. Watching sports is an escape of sorts and I’d rather go into a game not convincing myself we can’t win. It’s more fun.

    I guess on some level you enjoy putting the team down and not thinking we can win, our QB is horrible, and we should just surrender and forfeit the game.

    I’m sorry I can’t understand why anyone would watch the game and spend countless hours on an Internet forum discussing a team that doesn’t have much of a chance of winning. I so feel sorry (In a way) for you spending your leisure time like that. But in some way you enjoy it apparently. Or you like not enjoying it? I don’t know. In any case, have fun or don’t.

    Did you ever play a sport and going into a game you had a feeling the other team was better? I may have, but I knew I could carry the team to a win if I played a great game. I hope the Cowboys have guys like that and I’d guess they do. Hopefully not too many guys that want to quit pregame.

    Your “it’s the Cowboys in the playoffs” thing says a lot about how you really feel.
    Didn’t we barely lose to the 9ers? But you saw the tea leaves and knew it was over pregame? Did you even watch or just post impartial analysis and a prediction. Fun. I guess I just can’t get it because I’m a fan that lacks impartiality and you are an objective observer that’s simply telling it like it is. (Patented passive aggressive behavior that exhibits my superiority)
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