Video: Tyler Smith interview after becoming a Cowboy


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Seems like a great kid with a great attitude. Need some tenacity on the line rather than these passive players we have. Would have been a great 2nd round pick. But other than that, hope he works on not holding people and having a great camp because i think he is gonna be forced to start.


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Well, many posters here lame.ted the "softness" of the team. Many called for the team to get some players with a mean streak and a nastiness to them. I would say this guy fills the bill.

He is young, I believe a redshirt sophomore. I think he is the kind of guy that will get better each year. Looking at his rate of improvement after each season in college he may have been a top ten if he remained one year longer.

Smith had two years remaining. Had he stayed for both.....

It's a great long term addition. I didn't think Jerry had that in him because this is not a pick looking for the best instant starter.

Some of you may disagree and some of you won't like the opinion that he might not start this season. It's quite an elevation going from a small college sophomore to NFL starter.


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This is one of those picks you're just not going to know for a minute. Dallas needs building blocks and this one has a shot.