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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Sully, Jan 15, 2020.

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    You thought this was one of the millions of mock drafts.

    The NBA is looking at updating their playoffs from re-seeding after each round to just ranking each team from 1 to 16( whatever number)

    Teams will "tank" to get a better position, while still asking their "loyal" fanatics to support them in their not-so deliberate losing.

    To stop, prevent teams from tanking, revise the draft:
    The teams making the playoffs remains the same position, the stage for the non-playoff teams.

    The team with the BEST record that does NOT make the playoffs will get the #1 pick.
    The team with the worse record will pick last but higher than any playoff team.

    This gets teams to still play for something rather than losing for better draft selection

    OK-- time to criticize
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  2. Prime21

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    The NFL does not have a tanking problem. Teams are too big. Tanking kills your culture beyond what an offseason can fix.

    Miami "tanked". They traded away good players for picks but the team always played hard and finished decently strong winning 5 of there last 9 games.

    Accumulating picks can jump start a rebuild but sustained success in the NFL is most importantly about building culture. Tanking hurts this.
  3. Future

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    The NFL has a tanking problem but seasons are too short to do anything about it.

    I've always liked the idea that the team who finishes with the most wins after they're mathematically eliminated gets the #1, but you can't really do that in the NFL.
  4. Risen Star

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    I support tanking because the objective is to win titles and as a fan I understand and appreciate that. Much better than being married to mediocrity.
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  5. conner01

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    We couldn’t pull off tanking the end of this season
  6. cowboyec

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    I believe success should be rewarded...not futility.
    team that wins it all should get the 1st pick.
    to the victor go the spoils.
    team with the worst record pick last.
    but the NFL won't do it...because they're gutless.
  7. Flamma

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    What they could do is make the draft position for all non playoff teams random. Then work backwards with the playoff teams. Super Bowl winner gets 21, loser gets 22, and so on. But I have a better chance of seeing Jesus Christ outside my window than that happening.
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  8. DasSchnitzel

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    If it worked this way then NE would have 10 superbowls by now...

    Imagine a world where Belichek gets another blue chip prospect every time he wins it all, he'd be unstoppable
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  9. RS12

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    The film never lies and your next job may depend on it. That said if you aren't gonna win it all, high draft picks always help my mood.
  10. cowboyec

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    at the end of the day...I agree with the immortal words of Tex Schramm...
    the NFL Draft is soft-communisim....punished for success....rewarded for failure.

    I say bull-jive.....if you suck...back of the line.
    if you win.....front of the line.

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