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Kane Ala
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The Roster Zone was created to keep the front page uncluttered and to put all the cap discussions, player moves, players from other teams that become available and seem to fit our team etc in one Zone. I would like to encourage all to use the Roster Zone for those reasons and leave the front page for upcoming games and the like. That list in not all inclusive so you'll have to use your good judgment where a thread fits the best.

It's fine to put new releases and acquisitions in the Fan Zone. The staff will move those to the Roster Zone appropriately. If player X from team Y becomes available then post that in the Roster Zone.

So we do realize some things have a fine line between the Roster Zone and the Fan Zone so just keep it in mind when you post a new thread. The staff moves a large number of threads to the RZ already but this will keep the front page more germane and easier to read.

As always thanks for your cooperation and for making CowboysZone the greatest Cowboys forum on the net.
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