READ THIS We are sorry, but gun discussions are not allowed on this site!

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As some of you noticed, recent gun-related posts were deleted from the site. The reason for this is very straight-forward. The ad networks we use do not allow sites with gun-related discussions to operate in their ad networks.

There are other posts on other topics that have also been deleted for the same reason. In some cases, the ad networks themselves have contacted us and informed us of posts that violated their policies.

This is not about gun control or anti-gun mindsets with the site staff or site ownership. As I have said many times over the years, CZ does not have or take any stance on political, social, etc. issues. This is simply about not violating the ad networks rules for content allowed.

To be clear, this was not about politics and no users mentioned or referenced politics in their posts and no users were warned or suspended for any of the posts that were removed. This was completely about a topic that falls outside of the allowed content policies of the ad networks. It was also not about any of the specific users who posted as even several posts by a staff member here had to be deleted.

We understand that some issues like this are very important to people, and if this site was focused on any of those topics, it would be a completely different situation. However, CowboysZone is a fan site for the Dallas Cowboys NFL football team and while many of us really enjoy the off-topic discussions, they are a side part of the site and not the main focus of this site.

There are plenty of sites on the internet where you can discuss topics that are not allowed on CZ and many of those sites have way more users that visit them specifically to discuss those topics.

We hope everyone understands that sometimes we have to do things in the best interest of the site rather than what we would personally prefer to do.
Not open for further replies.