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WFAA Blog: Cowboys OTA video/slideshow...Kitna dropping the ball...literally

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jun 9, 2009.

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    2:48 PM Tue, Jun 09, 2009 | Permalink
    Aaron Chimbel
    The Dallas Cowboys are wrapping up their organized team activities this week and held their final session that is open to the media Tuesday.
    We have some video and a slideshow for your viewing pleasure.

    Video: Terence Newman compares Cowboys position battles to the recession.

    Video: Roy Williams and Jason Witten talk about the Cowboy offense's 'sloppy' OTA

    Slideshow of the Tuesday's OTA session.

    Kitna dropping the ball... literally

    4:42 PM Tue, Jun 09, 2009 | Permalink
    Ted Madden

    New Cowboys backup quarterback Jon Kitna has had a problem taking snaps during these OTA's. We (the media) were out there today for the fourth time in the last four weeks, and we have been allowed to attend one OTA session each week. So we've seen only four out of the Cowboys' 10 workouts so far, but Kitna's inability to take a direct snap has been a disturbing trend. He's probably dropped the snap a half dozen times, and that's just from the practices we've seen.

    What does this mean? Probably nothing - a small issue like this one in June should be corrected by September. But it does look like a junior high practice when you see 22 guys line up to run a play, and the quarterback fumbles the snap.

    Off the subject a little bit, here's what head coach Wade Phillips had to say about Kitna today, when addressing his quarterbacks' play so far in OTAs:

    "I think Kitna's come in and shown he can play. And that's - he has a zip on the ball, he reads well, he does a lot of other things well."
    Moments later, during the same answer...

    "I feel good for where we are at this time, but, in fact, I feel real good about our backup quarterback because I think he's really talented."

    I still think Kitna is a good backup QB, as long as he can take a snap.
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    Thanks for the pics WG.

    First thoughts on the pics.

    THAT is a high school facility?! Jeebus, you texans don't mess around with your football stadiums.

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