What can't Brown do for you?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by charron, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. charron

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    After a quiet rookie season at wr and a sophomore injury Brown has comeback in surprising fashion.

    He's blocked linebackers from the full back position to spring Zeke for good yardage.
    He blocked Michael Bennet 1 on 1 with a solid chop block vs philly last game. He's lined up at tight end and put wide. It's only been a couple of games but linehan has used this kid all over the formation and it's worked very well to our advantage. Finally a player who can run routes and block, good job Mr Brown.

    Not sure where linehan is getting this creativity from but keep it coming.
  2. jazzcat22

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    Noah Brown was a player I said in the January before that draft. Dallas needs to find a way to draft him.
    At one time he was projected as a 4th round, and seen him as high as a 3rd round in some list.

    I think his broken leg and lack of playing time, so hence the lack of production, form less playing time hurt his draft status. As he did not get a lot of opportunities his last season in college, but the catches he had, were always big plays.

    Getting him late in the draft was a steal IMO. Just want to see him get more opportunities in the receiving game .
  3. the_h0wey

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    Had the pleasure of going to the New Orleans game and did not recognize Brown when I saw him. He looks like a TE. Dude is huge. I don't remember him looking that big on TV. He's been a pleasant surprise.
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  4. charron

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    I hope those chances start now. He's earned the chance to help and when a player does that then coaches need to reward them and continue to allow them to grow. This is why we kept him.
  5. Mr_437

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    Yea, I stood behind Noah in line at 7-11 once, haha. His height/weight are accurate, but I don't consider him a really big guy. Now Patrick Crayton surprised me, dude is solid still.

    Anyway, yeah man get Noah some more opportunities with ball in his hands... he's a tough tackle like a mini-Rico.
  6. conner01

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    I’m not sure little Scotty was at the saints game
    Creative screens plays were called and I didn’t know he had it in him
  7. Ranching

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    Linehan is probably playing Madden 2018.
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  8. charron

    charron Well-Known Member

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    If it helps I hope he keeps it up.
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  9. Praxit

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    ..could be a huge factor down the stretch.
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  10. Keithfansince5

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    I hope Dak can get the ball to Noah. He gets tough yards better than any of our WR now. Keep it up Noah.
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  11. stilltheguru

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    Tight end or scrub. Pick one
  12. ItzKelz

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    Noah is a TE and is basically doing the same thing he was asked to do last season as a blocker which was pretty much the same things we had Hanna doing. Love him as a blocker.
  13. xwalker

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    I don't think you are TE...
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  14. gmoney112

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    In dime, I'd have Brown over Ertz.
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  15. Mr_437

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    Since Witten n Swaim are gone, and Noah is basically playing a TE/H-Back, can #85 get that TE screen play?
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  16. Melonfeud

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    I reexamined that condensed Saints game early this morning & Prescott "Hit" Jarwin,Shultz & Brown once each in a positive fashion,,, & I even saw my Thumper-Man #35 Frazier rocket impact in a beautiful killer punt non-return tackle:thumbup:

    ** I had to stream that game on my phone,,, I might hit the sports bar tomorrow thougho_O
  17. charron

    charron Well-Known Member

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    Thanks. Oh I missed the Frazier tackle. Seems we're changing things up more lately.
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