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What Garrett has done, and what the Cowboys need

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by Jumbo075, Oct 7, 2019.

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    The Cowboys Head Coaching job is one of the premier coaching positions in the entirety of professional sports, and there are very few football coaches (most of them already retired or employed) who would not be keenly interested in a position where 1) the owner takes a significant portion of the media heat, 2) the owner commits whatever is needed financially to get the job done, and 3) the team is stacked with young talent on both sides of the ball that is on the verge of breaking out, and simply in need of competent coaching.

    I've been a defender of Jason Garrett because I think he's the man most responsible for refocusing the front office on building the team through the trenches, and shunning flashy free agent signings in favor of building through the draft. I think Garrett is brilliant when it comes to creating and implementing a successful team building strategy. Also, I think that Garrett has effectively "trained" the Jones family on how to build a team properly, and that Stephen Jones and Will McClay can continue to carry the vision of proper team building forward into the future. So, Garrett has accomplished quite a lot in that respect. But he just doesn't seem to have the game planning savvy necessary to take this team to the championship level. It is rather obvious that a change in direction at the Head Coaching position is needed.

    If I was another team owner in need of a strong team building vision, I wouldn't hesitate to hire Jason Garrett to get my team on the right track when it comes to team building strategy and implementation. Also, he quite obviously inspires loyalty among both players and staff. But I would also be cognizant of the fact that while he has a tremendous organizational talent which is needed to construct a team, he doesn't have the strategic and tactical brilliance needed for game-day implementation at a championship level.

    It becomes more clear each day that he was carried by the superior talent of Tony Romo, who masked his deficiencies in game preparation and on-field prowess. Tony Romo would have been a championship QB if Parcells has stayed in Dallas longer, but Romo carried Garrett. I think Dak Prescott may also have the ability to be a different type of championship QB given good coaching. He's shown the ability to grow and improve. But Garrett's usefulness in Dallas has reached its apex, and the Cowboys won't progress to becoming champions again unless they get a proven game-day coach.

    It's important to recognize the positive contribution that Garrett has made to the team. The Cowboys have become a much more stable franchise under his leadership, and are in many ways the model for the NFL on how to build a talent base (discounting the Patriots, which no other team has been able to copy because they have neither Belichick, nor Brady.) So, I am not unappreciative of what Garrett has accomplished. But a change in leadership is certainly warranted.

    P.S. Of the current Cowboys coaching staff, a new head coach would be wise to consider keeping Moore, Richard, Kitna and Brown. But a new coach should have the freedom to bring in his own staff.
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    What you're saying is that Garrett should be the general manager, and I agree with that.

    But not a head coach, any other team would see that and relieve Jones as the GM, replacing him with Garrett.

    But of course that won't happen as long as JJ is able to draw breath. Now before anyone jumps to conclusions I'm not wishing for Jerry's passing. Just saying that this team will NEVER make or win another SB as long as JJ is the GM, or has major input to the team.

    JJ will be 77 in a few days, I'll be 65 in January. It would be reasonable to assume I will outlive him, and be a fan of a Cowboys team without JJ at the helm. Problem is of course that Stephen will probably inherit the team and it's no guarantee he won't become the GM and continue "business as usual", after all it made JJ a multi-billionaire, that'd be hard to not want to keep doing.

    I may go to my grave without seeing Dallas hoist another trophy....

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