What really happened to the play calling this season?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by bewp7, Dec 29, 2019.

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    i was just thinking about how some people speculate and whipser about friction between coaches and then i started to think about how the offense started the season and how it looked later. i'm not just talking about results (i know they had the "#1 offense") i'm talking about the play calling in general and why it does not make any sense to me, maybe i just dont understand football enough.

    but in the beginning of the year the offense was un recognizable! a lot more play action/RPO, smart pre snap movement, smart formations + routes, utilizing dak's running ability in the right situation, etc.

    then they went away from all of that & never went back.

    i know after week 3 they played some better teams/defenses + had some injury issues but it still seems weird. i know teams adjust but i find it hard to belief kellen moore could'nt also adjust...instead he turned into scott linehan? i wish i had access to advanced numbers that showed 11/12 personnel and play action % and stuff like that because i bet the numbers would look like the 2018 offense from week 4 onwards.

    i just think moore got hand cuffed or something...unless some one could explain why there was such a drastic change in philosophy. i would like to know because i like to increase my football know ledge and understanding.
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    This offense was not Scott Linehan. We stopped using Zeke and went pass pass pass. We spent more time trying to make the offense about Dak instead of figuring out how to get the ball to Zeke.
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    We seemed to utilize the roster more during those 3 weeks on offense as well. Kinda like a college roster is used.
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    There is always a learning curve with first year play callers. Who knows how Moore will turn out ? He may make a great OC someday. I really don't think Moore was hand cuffed. I think he was limited by Dak's abilities and out coach by more experienced DC.
  5. catiii

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    just think moore got hand cuffed or something
    Bingo! A lot of people want to make this confusing and difficult when the easiest answer is the one you speculated on.
    Moore would have NO REASON to change what was working unless he's got a split personality which I doubt.
    The change after game 3 is definitely Moore being "influenced" by "someone" o_O
  6. AmariChill

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    Who knows at this point? Jane Slater and Mosher know more than they are letting on. They say there was a lot of drama between coaches, players, and more in this locker room. Something had to break down between the players of this offense, Moore, and Garrett. Even Sanjay Lal (or whatever that WR coach name is) was known for arguing with other coaches. We saw Witten yelling at Kellen more often than not in the Sounds from the Sidelines video.

    Its a cluster of problems honestly.
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  7. Chrispierce

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    I don’t know..I just know it’s Garrett's playbook and Moore added variations to plays,and he calls them while Garrett stands there losing. That’s all I know... Moore did get guys moving downfield and open on plays that players just dropped or bad passes etc,but situational awareness part seems lacking.You can’t keep passing like that. Dallas will lose you pass too much as a habit. This is Dak in the 7 games of 40 or more attp,he was 1-6...
  8. Wizarus

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    Its obvious Linehan was the scapegoat. People though it would be all better with him gone.
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  9. America's Cowboy

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    Foolish Dak hatred.

    And why was the team forced to go more pass heavy at times??? Have you ever asked yourself that or is it too much to make one's brain compute?

  10. beware_d-ware

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    I don't think Garrett ever fully let the reins go.

    In one of Chris Simms's breakdowns about us vs New England, he described Garrett's favorite pass play: the X receiver runs a drag, Z receiver runs a clear-out go, and the slot runs a slant. In his words, "Garrett teams have probably run this play 8 to 10 times every game for the past 10 years." And we ran it again a bunch against New England. What are the odds that Kellen Moore's staple play is the same as Jason Garrett's favorite play?
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    Or maybe neither one of them was any good??
  12. Floatyworm

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    Only way to explain it....too many chefs in the kitchen trying to make the meal. I don't know how many times players were yelling in Kellen's ear. During game day.....players should leave the coaching to the coach. I hope Kellen learned one lesson...call plays from the booth next season. :rolleyes:

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