What will be our Opening Offensive Play?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TexasBoys2288, Jan 14, 2022.

  1. INCowboysFan

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    Except Harper didn't score
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  2. nightrain

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    Flare route to Zeke.
  3. Brooksey

    Brooksey Well-Known Member

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    Zr 41Jet sweep right, pass.

    Cedric Wilson to Cee-Dee Lamb
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  4. Reid1boys

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    I was at the game.. im aware. avatar was from the game of a picture I took.
  5. Floatyworm

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    Well...I know what play won't be called. The back to back QB sneak....Giants put the patient on that debotchery.
  6. McKDaddy

    McKDaddy Well-Known Member

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    fake the handoff, immediate pressure hitting Dak just as he begins to turn around. 6-8 yard loss. 2nd down from inside their own 20.
  7. Kevinicus

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    We actually pass more on the first play than run. But, it's a pretty even split - 9 pass, 8 run.
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    DUO_CORE Well-Known Member

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    Blown up wr screen to Lamb.
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  9. bigE79

    bigE79 Well-Known Member

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    Screen pass for no gain or a tipped pass...lol...j/k
  10. AyeAtey

    AyeAtey Well-Known Member

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    What ever it is, I hope they practiced it a 100 times, got it down, and start the game on a positive note and en route to better things to come.

    I'd say a pass, though.
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  11. Praxit

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    ...McCarthy challenge flag. Whether Dak's shoe was falling off or moving forward. ;)..
  12. Cowboys1fan

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    Are you crazy, why would we run a play action and fool a defense. I think we should run it up the gut so our first drive is 3rd n 9
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  13. Batman1980

    Batman1980 Well-Known Member

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    RPO, front 7 keys on Zeke, Dak swings left and goes up top to a streaking Lamb for a 75 yard TD as Cowboys Stadium erupts.
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  14. JoeKing

    JoeKing Diehard

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    Zeke will run the ball between the tackles. Sorry, but there will be nothing flashy about the first offensive play.
  15. Big_D

    Big_D Well-Known Member

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    QB sneak. No one will see that coming. Take a page from the Giants playbook!
  16. CCBoy

    CCBoy Well-Known Member

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    Cooper on a deep right sideline pattern...
  17. Joe Realist

    Joe Realist No Kool-Aid here!

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    Holding, number 52, offense, 10 yard penalty, still first down.
  18. JayFord

    JayFord Well-Known Member

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    McGovern the upback
    Pollard and Zeke the offset back

    fake toss to zeke pivot back to the counter and McGovern takes it for 15
  19. Oz-of-Cowboy-Country

    Oz-of-Cowboy-Country Well-Known Member

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    How about a corner route for a change. When Dak was a rookie his throws on the corner route were always on target. But now it seems as if they only call that play twice a year.

    One of his better throws removed from the play book.
  20. DasTex

    DasTex Well-Known Member

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    PA roll out Schultz

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