Twitter: What's the best case scenario for Dak and Cowboys regarding the tag?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hawkeye0202, Jul 1, 2020.

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  2. JoeKing

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    Best case? Dak signs a long term deal by the deadline date and the Tag cap hit goes away.
  3. CouchCoach

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    Play on the tag in 2020 and decide on his future after the season.
  4. Point-of-the-Star

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    Realizes he can potentially hurt his team by going for too high a percentage opf the cap and takes a team friendly deal like Brady did for the Patsies.

    I'ma Cowboy fan first so I'm not worried too much about Dak's bank account. He's gonna have more money than he could ever spend as it is.
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  5. leeblair

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    The best case scenario is for Dak to use this season to remove any doubt that he is the future Hall of Famer for the Cowboys and sign a team friendly but fair deal at the end of 2020.
    That's a win for everyone; fans, players, and management.
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  6. plasticman

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    Jerry pays Dak what he is asking for before the deadline. Seven months later Dak is Super Bowl MVP.......The End.
  7. noshame

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    As I've said a 1000 tmes in the past months. LET HIM PLAY THE TAG. I like Dak and think he's the guy, but over the last season and a half he's been throwing behind receivers, and it getting more common. It seems to happen on his second and third reads, why? because on the later reads there is usually more traffic and you cannot lead you receiver as much. You either have the arm to get it there or you don't. QBs can survive with Daks arm, they just need a offense designed to have shorter and different later route options. Again, I like Dak, but let it play out and be sure before you tie up the cap for a long time.
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  8. Tangle_Foot

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    Best case scenario for Dallas is to win the Superbowl with a surprisingly good defense and a record-setting ground game that extends throughout postseason. Hopefully this will keep a certain number in the range of mutual satisfaction. Best case scenarios are always about the team:)
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  9. Hawkeye0202

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    IF he plays 2020 on the tag and we at least get to NFCCG or as the article says, go Mahomes........$40M could be his floor. Honestly, I have no idea how Jerry and Stephen will respond. Two/three years ago, most could come close to guessing but the financial impact of this virus makes it damn near impossible to gauge their thinking. Interestingly they are NOT talking a lot, which is strange (LOL). One thing for sure though, nothing scares rich people more than an unstable financial market they can't control. In other words......losing profits.
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  10. Aviano90

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    Best case is Dallas wins the SB and fans quit over analyzing every contract.
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  11. CowboyoWales

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    Ive written continually about the CAP.....BUT.

    If we get to the NFCCG we are a stones throw away..... we go all in.

    1) Dak gets a 3 year $40m per (escalating due to near existent CAP money in 2021).
    2) Hard conversations with: Coops and DLaw…… "either we restructure or we're going to cut you in 2022"
    3) Similar conversation with Zeke …. or he gets cut in 2023.
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  12. Hawkeye0202

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    Actually, Coop, DLaw, Zeke and Jaylon contracts have outs by 2022. Just my guess, but it would not surprise me if moved on from at least two of the four. Though I have no idea which ones........
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  13. CowboyoWales

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    Yep, you're right and that's why i'd approach them with ….. 'look, lets be honest, we're going to need to cut you, in 2022, if you don't restructure' ...I cant see Coop, DLaw nor Zeke getting a better deal on the open market (and we do have Pollard and Lamb).
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  14. Swagger

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    He is traded for a first and a second 2021 draft pick to a mug franchise.
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  15. big dog cowboy

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  16. NotForLong

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    Dak's arm is not the problem. Its whats between his ears is where his weaknesses lie.

    After a carear of being a QB he still can't read a defense, audiable or properly go through his progressions.

    He is and will always be a liability.

    You mention that last year there was an uptick in late passes, well thats just because the Cowboys decided to showcase him.

    He threw more and the Cowboys won less
  17. OmerV

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    Dak signs a 10 year contract for $1/year, the team wins the Super Bowl all 10 years, and Dak gets endorsement deals that pay him an average of $100 million/year.
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  18. glimmerman

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    He signs the deal. JJ and SJ want him long term. If Dak signs the 4 year deal then he will get back to the table to get another contract sooner. And JJ isn’t paying 40+ a year for 4 more years. If Dak plays as good or better than last year and our ST improves then we will win 10 games minimum if Defense improves then we are in the playoffs. We have a real HC now that has a better chance of not being out coached in the playoffs when coaching matters the most. We make it past the divisional round and Dak asks for 40+ a year. And if JJ dont pay it then Dak will get it elsewhere.
  19. erod

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    Play on the tag this year.
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