What's your favorite song at the moment?


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Jan Hammer is killing on synthesizer, the late great Tommy Bolin shredding on guitar - and what more can I say about the talent of Cobham? Only Narada Michael Walden could hold a candle to him in the jazz arena, in MHO. And just maybe Lenny White.
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The background strings really give this piece instrumental depth and add drama that is absent in much of today’s hiphop. Again, JMO.
Agree with you personally but also want to give the newer/younger gens their warranted place. Every generation does it and it is true in your ex admittedly bc I hear your point on the depth or even "effort' to justify the art form ranking.

I like some modern "drill rap' music which is just modern gangsta rap with more name calling and celebration of killing (demonic ish tbh) and see it as hollow personally... it's more of a guilty pleasure at my age (38) The stuff i just posted is more NY and uground south from 90s.

But I see and agree with you outside of the idea of giving them a seat at the table regarding modern rap. I don't think rap is generally a high art form but there are exceptions but is oddly my fav type of music. Not knocking other genres at all though...oddly appr them more just don't gravitate that way, etc.
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