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Who shot JR?

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by Kevin T, Jan 2, 2020.

  1. Kevin T

    Kevin T Well-Known Member

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    You guys all know that all this speculation and hype surrounding Garrett and will he stay, will he leave, who should it be if he's gone, etc, etc...ALL plays right into the hands of the drama king...aka Jerry Jones. Everyone's talking about his team rather than the playoffs. Just like on the show "Dallas" when JR got shot...it's a cliffhanger and he's getting off on all this attention...a sign of his waning mental stability. Everything this guy does is calculated and orchestrated to benefit him. Call me when we have a new GM because unless there's a change of that magnitude, nothing will change except the faces on the sidelines. Nothing changes if nothing changes. Jerry is the change that is needed. He is like a little kid playing with his Lionel trains except he's actually more like Gomez Adams with the trains always crashing and blowing up.
  2. PA Cowboy Fan

    PA Cowboy Fan Well-Known Member

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    Well I was right on Who shot JR. Hope I'm not this time.
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  3. Big_D

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    If any talk is still good talk at this point, all for the sake of money and popularity while pride means absolutely nothing? Then he’s even more pathetic than we thought. Everyone rips the guy on a daily basis. lol but at least they’re talking about him? How his incompetence continues to put a stain on a once great organization? Sad when we brag about Jerry’s financial success. Fans have been reduced to that. How talking about how he’s a complete football buffoon somehow makes him smarter than everyone else.

    This isn’t a TV show, it’s a jacazz running a football team.

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