Why are you even here claiming your Fandom?

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by blueblood70, Oct 30, 2020.

  1. blueblood70

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    80% of the posts around here are negative , they go beyond the normal chatter of an unhappy disappointed fan..

    Its insane , most of the suggestions are off the chart ridiculous and cant and wont be done, especially for the constant call for the Jones to sell the team or hire a GM and change the way they do things, its NOT CHANGING. if that what you are waiting for pack it up..

    IM not sure why you are on DC related forums and SM outlets. If they make you that upset and unhappy, seriously why are you here?

    whining and demanding things this that wont change is insane, its the definition of insanity..

    its like we are in sports version of groundhog day around here, everyday the same thing the front page is littered with hate and negativity..

    the Same thing for cutting and trading everyone, seriously , thats not happening we have the contracts we all might no t like but there's a cap and they wont blow this up the way you want, thats not changing..

    so why wait around to be unhappy , upset, mad, and the famous word around here ," IM DONE".. Really if you were truly done, why do you feel the need to come to a DC named forum and do nothing but rip the team..

    ..its like you all are in a toxic relationship, one where you are being abused and stay and think you cant leave , yet you stay and stay unhappy..like you dont have choice, YOU DO..

    Its one thing to be upset and disappointed as i'd say all of us are right now but hate and rage, nothing but emotional outbursts and hope for losses..thats NOT what Fan who truly is what we call a diehard reacts..

    BTW lets stop forgetting that we are not just an injured team, we are decimated with injuries' at every key position on the team and now on our 3rd qb...knowing this but seeing new posts about how we are worse then this team or that one and can be beat by a college team right now , yet , some of you have amnesia to what actually is suiting up is NOT the DC TEAM, its a team fielded to honor the schedule but no where close to the team that was supposed to play..

    Its one thing to try and cover up 2-4 injuries to key players but that not the case the entire OL is backups or backup to backups, thats the most important group on the field IMO.. Without them it doesnt matter who plays QB , RB, or WR.. I mean Dak might have made few more plays but IMHOP Dalton would be fine with the same OL dak had the first 3 games but thats changed even more, the blocking so bad they can't run, leads to teams being able to play a simple defense to equally play the pass or run to point where its max coverage and 4 man lines are getting to the qb in 2 secs, no one can function in that type of offense,

    sad this board finds every nook and cranny to hate on our own team. Every last keystroke this year is hate posts.

    i remember when the Cowboy Zone was more strict and only related to DC posts were allowed, hows this relate we played them beat them and its different team we have now than back then but they mean nothing to us right now,.,

    dismissing the injury list we have as an excuse when its the #1 reason we are in a lost season right now..the defense is bad but injuries' have cost us a chance to rebound..it started before game 1 and snowballed but some fans hate are so blind they choose to Omit the obvious,



    If you hate your team so much why do you come here and talk about them, is that your end game have an account to simply bash your team?

    you aren't changing the owners , FO or structure

    so if thats your contention to why you no longer support the team, its time to go that wont change for another decade at least,.

    the Jones will be here..so go look for another place to make your day more merrier, this obviously isnt because they are more anti cowboy sentiment in here then actually support..

    kick them while they are down, right thats real fan..
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  2. John813

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    Sir this is a wendys
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  3. Londonboy

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  4. Sydla

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    These are always my favorite kind of posts, the "I am a better fan than you" posts. The ones that want you to defy reality and ignore what your eyes are telling you.

    This is a bad team. They are naturally going to get criticized a lot. It happens in every NFL town when their team stinks. Of course the board is going to be significantly negative. The team is really bad. The defense is on pace to be one of the worst in NFL history. Now put this in the context of the last two decades. So yeah, people are going to be negative.

    Oh and one more thing. The team doesn't magically play better if the fans support them better.
  5. cern

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    and if it makes you happy, then why the hell are you so sad.....................................the beautiful cheryl crow.
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  6. cern

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    a great response need not be a long one.
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  7. Blake

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    In the time it took you to type out that forgettable 4,227 character rant towards other fans, you could've been doing something more positive with your life.
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  8. blueblood70

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    the negative posts go far beyond whining about loses and on field play or coaching..they are ridiculously out of control. Seriously if you cant see that , well you are in denial..

    and no its not im better fan then anyone its that REAL Fans do not go to this extreme to rip an organization to this level knowing all well its not changing!!

    so again,

    those that seem to hate 100% of everything Cowboy related, you know the ones that state 25years narrative, state they dont like the owners , GM, or FO structure as to why its business as usual and nothing will change..

    if nothing will ever change and you know this, why are you here, why are you still watching and claiming your fandom?

    It's NOT GOING TO CHANGE ANYTIME SOON..so give uo the posts on the wishes that it were, they are clogging up the zone for no reason..
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  9. cern

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    please say you didn't actually count them.
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  10. blueblood70

    blueblood70 Well-Known Member

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    nope call it balance, this place needs few fans that can counter the 80% of negative threads started.

    Its Insidious.
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  11. JBond

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    Blah, blah, blah.

    Another failed season.
  12. cern

    cern Well-Known Member

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    what it doesn't need is another rockport. one is enough.
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  13. ColoCowboy

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    My semi-serious response - I think more than anything, there is just a lot of accumulated disgust and disappointment with the organization and Jerry Jones in particular. I also think that social media brings out the very worst (and, on rare occasions, the very best) in most... it is easy to post anonymously and without vetted facts or data. Let's face it, a lot of folks simply like to post outrageous comments to elicit a response
  14. Sarek

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    Suburra Season 3. "Hey this isn't where i parked my car!"
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  15. jwooten15

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    Creating a thread to complain about the complainers. How ironic.

    Why not just let everyone express themselves as they wish? Really not that difficult.

    Being negative doesn't discount their fandom. Maybe they're just fed up with 25 years of mediocrity.
  16. dckid

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    LOL. I feel like this is directly written for me. I do agree that the 25 year narrative is what I live with for the past several years.
    I am a long suffering fan like the majority of Cowboy Nation who have seen underachievement and 3 playoff wins in 24 years.
    Sorry if the truth hurts. If everyone just turns a blind eye then I guess the fanbase is happy.
    I am frankly sick and tired of all the BS that we accept. Organizations get turned over because a lack of success, we just suck it up and say maybe next year.
    The thing that gets me is, even if we were 100% healthy this is an 8-8 team. We are not competing for any titles with this bunch.
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  17. cern

    cern Well-Known Member

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    some "negative" comments are very valid and insightful.
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  18. Diehardblues

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    The pulse of the fans usually revolves around the performance and results on the field. Critical thinking is normal course of action when results aren’t meeting expectations.

    Fan forums like most of social media traffic is driven by those venting their concerns and offering suggestions for improvement.

    We tried a Silver Lining thread and it was a ghost town . But chronic whining about fans whining becomes difficult to cypher out which is more toxic. There’s room for all types of fans from cheerleaders to analytical.

    I’d suggest to gravitate and align to those who interest you and share similar thoughts ignoring those who don’t .
  19. Section446

    Section446 Well-Known Member

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    Some people are satisfied with mediocrity, some aren't.
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  20. DallasDomination

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    Sometimes I wish we had a dislike button because this one gets it... you do realize the mood/vibe of the board is a direct reflection of the team we follow. Well our team is on worst of all time levels so what do you expect, what do you expect the fans to do right now ?
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